When writing a resume, proper spelling, punctuation, and use of words can make a great difference in how you are first perceived.  We are always amazed by the prevalence of misused words and phrases in resumes. This list might be helpful to you as you are editing your resume.




Accepting the offer for a new assignment with your current or a new employer can be a good or bad move.  All too often, people are influenced by emotions without considering all of the important factors. Here is a tool that might help you with your analysis.




This spreadsheet calculates the simple profitability of a project using inputs you provide.




There are many reasons to estimate the profitability of a prospect, including making drilling decisions, attracting private investors, and securing management approval of a project.




Two of the questions asked most frequently are:  "What is the difference between measured thickness and true vertical thickness?" and "How does the difference affect reservoir volume calculations?"  The following presentation is an example of how making an improper correction can affect volumetrics.


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