Production Operations Professional - PO206
Senior production engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and over 10 years of experience with a major oil company and a large independent. Experienced in completion engineering, well intervention, and production engineering with special expertise in hydraulic stimulation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Knowledgeable in waterflooding, ESPs, well completion design, and artificial lift design. Fundamentals learned in rig field work as a roughneck during college. Proficient in DIMS, Openwells, Wellcat, Rodstar, PEEP, and OFM and conversant in PHDWin and ARIES. IADC certified. Geographic areas worked include Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, and the Permian Basin.

Production Operations Professional - PO191
Production Operations Manager with a bachelor's degree and 36 years of experience with small independents and service companies. Experienced in uphole, downhole, open- and cased-hole well mechanics; production optimization; reservoir chemistry; log interpretation; and facility design. Also experienced in complex completions, intervention, preparing of procedures, AFEs, presentations to investors and managers, recompletions, stimulation, sand control, disposal wells, compression, and artificial lift with rod pump, ESP, gas lift, plunger, hydraulic, and jet pumps. Very experienced in managing field and office personnel to execute projects both surface and downhole. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, and the entire Gulf coast area.

Production Operations Professional - PO170
Production Operations Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 30 years of experience working for small to large operators. Experienced in well planning; drilling, completion and workover operations; and governmental, regulatory, and safety compliance. Additionally experienced in job planning and logistics, vendor hire and oversight, and employee mentoring. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in CTG SMART, SMART+, Enertia, and IS Networld Contractor Management Database.

Production Operations Professional - PO30
Operations supervisor with a BS in Petroleum Services Technology and over 28 years of offshore experience in all phases of production operations. Excellent project management and supervisory skills. Effective risk management coordination of simultaneous operations. Demonstrated capability to take on challenging roles. Provided successful team management by coordinating new facility startups. Supervisor on all field construction projects. Performed numerous facility compliance pre-inspections.

Production Operations Professional - PO180
Production Operations Engineer with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 26 years of experience working for large and mid-sized independent E&P companies. Expert in well control operations, production optimization, recompletion, workover and coiled tubing operations. Experienced in production operations management, project development, strategic planning and acquisition strategies. Additionally experienced in field operations, facility design and enhancement, reservoir stimulation and field studies. Geographic areas worked include Gulf of Mexico, Texas Panhandle, South Texas, East Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Production Operations Professional - PO181
Senior Operations Manager with 36 years of experience with a large independent, small independent, and a service company. Results-focused oilfield professional with progressive leadership experience in south Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Expert in implementing strategies to enhance productivity, safety, and profitability by analyzing individual wells to identify and resolve problems, including supervising well work and base operations. Experienced leading offshore operations teams, winning safety awards, improving efficiency of helicopter and marine transportation, and streamlining the contract labor workforce using six sigma protocols. Also experienced in field commissioning offshore.

Production Operations Professional - PO171
Completions Operations Manager with 28 years of experience working for service companies. Expert in completions operations and supervision. Experienced in gravel packs, fracturing, and flowbacks. Completed wells on truck and land rigs, inland barges, platforms, jack ups, and semi-submersibles. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. Certifications include IADC well control and Comp;etions Well Design I and II.

Production Operations Professional - PO213
Senior Production Supervisor with 36 years of experience with a large independent. Highly accomplished with a history of leadership experience leading multi-million dollar operations offshore and inland with special expertise in general management, supply chain economics, logistics, turnaround initiatives, and vendor management. Experienced in troubleshooting pneumatic, electric, motor, and pump problems by identifying, securing, and aligning the best resources to achieve strategic turnarounds. Successfully revitalized operations of a dormant platform, tapping into an oil line that was previously thought to be bad in order to increase production from 400 to 2,200 barrels per day. Proven ability to plan and organize workloads and staff assignments, delivering necessary training, motivation, and evaluation of staff to identify and implement necessary changes which drive performance. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas.

Production Operations Professional - PO152
Production Operations Superintendent with 34 years of oil and gas experience working for small to large independents and as a consultant. Experienced in all aspects of daily production, completion, construction, and workover operations including supervision of field personnel, budgeting, equipment selection, equipment maintenance, vendor selection, HSE, and project management of primary and secondary oil recovery projects. Geographic areas worked include Texas and New Mexico.

Production Operations Professional - PO23
Production manager with over 20 years of international experience managing large field production operations who is extremely competent designing and supervising rig and rigless workovers. Excellent Spanish and English communication skills.

Production Operations Professional - PO154
Production Operations Engineer with more than 20 years of oil and gas experience working for mid-sized to large independent oil and gas companies. Experienced in vertical and horizontal completions, artificial lift, workovers, production operations in conventional and unconventional basins, production optimization, well testing, and abandonment operations. Geographic areas worked include Canada, North Dakota, and Papua New Guinea.

Production Operations Professional - PO165
Drilling and Completions Superintendent with 35 years of experience working for small and major operators. Experienced in drilling and completions operations including multi-stage fracturing, coiled tubing, wireline, well intervention, well testing, workovers, and horizontal drilling. Additionally experienced in HSE oversight, permit renewals, inspections, and crew training. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Software proficiency in OpenWells, WellView, and DIMS.

Production Operations Professional - PO166
Drilling and Completions Supervisor with 36 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in drilling, workover, and completions operations; directional drilling, horizontal drilling, HPHT drilling, re-entries, underbalanced drilling, offshore workovers, new completions, recompletions, down hole equipment maintenance, rod pumps, jet pumps, gas lift valves, and plunger lift.

Production Operations Professional - PO108
Completions Engineer with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and 14 years of oil and gas industry experience working for service and consulting companies. Experienced in conventional wells, unconventional wells, highly deviated wells, horizontal wells, tubing conveyed perforations, slick water, nitrogen-foam, diesel-gelled, and acid fracturing completion techniques; gas lift, ESP, pumping units, and plunger lift artificial lift systems; evaluating new markets, producing technical reports, examining well applications, recommending equipment, writing fracturing recommendations, quality control analysis, and performing complex cementing jobs. Geographic areas worked include Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Computer skills include FracPro PT, AutoCAD, and Information Access.

Production Operations Professional - PO4
Production engineer with 27 years of oil and gas operations experience, including 22 years as a supervisor. Experienced in production and pipeline operations, workovers, recompletions, construction, compression, and processing. Skilled at training and mentoring operations and administrative personnel. Extremely proficient with the design, installation, use, and maintenance of SCADA applications. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, north and south Louisiana, east and south Texas, and Alabama. Computer skills include MS Office, Lotus Suite, Motorola Configuration SW, Fisher Configuration SW, Aries, Premas, TOW, TOW-CS, FoxPro, PCAnywhere, Reachout, Wonderware, WIN 911/411, and TAVA.