Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD159
Subsea Engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and more than 20 years of domestic and international experience working with engineering firms and operating companies. Experienced in design and construction including HPHT, subsea pipeline and rigid riser design in water depths from zero to 10,000 feet, subsea manifolds, subsea isolation valves, and subsea high-integrity pressure protection system structure and piping design. Additionally experienced in floating production system interfaces, flexible risers and pipe, rigid reeled pipe-in-pipe and towed pipeline bundles. Software proficiency in Primavera, MathCAD, LUSAS, ANSYS, FS2000, and AutoPIPE.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD69
Subsea Engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and over 20 years of project design and management experience in the oil and gas industry working for major operating companies. Expert in subsea systems field development, fabrication and installation. Experience with subsea systems interface management, process integrity management, onshore drilling operations, and offshore BOP reliability analysis. Additionally experienced with LNG facilities vessel selection, installation logistics, offshore gas gathering systems, predictive maintenance of rotating equipment, and contract and gas metering compliance. Accomplishments include senior level executive committee positions in several professional associations, and published trade journal articles.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD161
Marine Engineer and Regulatory Compliance Manager with a bachelor's degree in naval architecture and 21 years of experience working for structural engineering consulting firms, construction companies, and the US Navy. Experienced in safety plan development and approval, ballast system installation, bid document and package preparation, rig up calculation, structure and machine integrity surveillance, and review of engineering deliverables from subcontractors. Geographic areas worked include Texas, California, Mississippi, Germany, Croatia, and Italy. Software proficiency in AutoCAD. Language fluency in English, Italian, and Croatian.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD52
Structural engineer with a PhD in ocean engineering and over 25 years of experience working for large EPC and engineering firms. Expert in design and conversion of subsea and offshore floating production systems. Additionally experienced in the design of drilling modules, HSE support, semi-submersible platforms, pipeline installations, and diverse subsea equipment installation projects. Licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. Served as expert advisor to the US Secretary of Energy and chaired the API Committee on wind load specifications. Geographic areas of experience include the Gulf of Mexico and Asia. Software proficiency in ANSYS, SACS, MORA, FLEXCOM, and AQUA.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD115
Subsea Project Engineer with a doctorate in mechanical engineering and 28 years of experience working for large and major operators as well as service companies. Expert in the installation, design, simulation, and analysis of risers, floaters, and subsea pipelines. Experienced in proposal writing, technical audits of design reports and specifications, SURF equipment installation, subsea project development, root cause analysis, oversight of technical issues, assessment of environmental criteria, and research and development support. Language fluency in English with some written and conversational understanding of Portuguese and Italian.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD111
Subsea Engineer with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and over 25 years of engineering experience in developing advanced oil and gas subsea and onshore pipelines and progressive energy/mining transportation systems working for major engineering companies. Expert with LNG and offshore ultra deepwater pipeline design, development and installations, tie-in structures and terminals, pipe-in-pipe and subsea structures, TLP's, mooring systems, deep and shallow water pipeline riser design and installations, umbilicals, J/S and reel -lay designs. Experience with applied mathematics and mechanics, FEA and finite difference analysis, system dynamics, theory of vibrations, stress/strain deflection fatigue and sensitivity analysis, and flow assurance. Accomplishments include 64 patents, published professional technical books (12) and technical papers (100+). Areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, West Africa, Congo, Russia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD118
Subsea engineer with a master's degree and 14 years experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in subsea systems and deepwater installation. Experienced in developing scopes of supply, subsea architecture, procuring equipment, providing support logistics, testing, load out, installation, commissioning procedures, and design calculations (padeyes, HPUs, cathodic protection, mudmat skirt requirement, carousel packing calculations, cost estimation). Additional experience in regulatory document administration, design and manufacture of IWOC system components, vendor management, and ROV operations.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD117
Subsea Engineer with a master's degree in electrical and mechanical engineering and over 30 years of experience working for oil and gas service companies. Expert in designing deepwater subsea control and production systems. Experienced in designing umbilical's, performing FEED studies of subsea drilling, developing procedures for control systems integration testing, installation and commissioning activities, and ensuring compliance with API, ASME, and ISO 9001 standards. Geographic areas worked include the U.S. and the Ukraine. Software proficiency in AutoCAD. Language fluency in Ukrainian.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD146
Project Manager with a Ph.D. in ocean engineering, fluid dynamics and engineering systems design, and 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in the development and testing of ultra-deepwater production tools, and hydraulic modeling. Experienced in offshore deepwater pipeline engineering, design and construction, flow assurance, pipeline business development, technology, investment economics, and risk management of LNG re-gas and trans-shipment terminals. Additionally experienced with the development of hydraulic models and strategies to manage excess pipeline liquids from super rich gas to avoid deepwater production shut-ins. Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD132
Pipeline Engineer with a master's degree in mechanical engineering and four years of experience working with engineering companies in the oil and gas industry. Expert in construction management, pipeline expansions and greenfield projects. Experienced with in-house and onsite of pipeline projects including engineering and construction, testing, and design. Geographic areas worked include Texas and Sakhalin Island. Software proficiency in AutoCAD, MathCAD, SolidWorks, Pro/E and Stoner for hydraulic calculations and modeling. Certified Engineer in Training in the State of Texas.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD81
Naval architect with bachelor's degree in naval architectural engineering and seven years of domestic and international experience in the maritime and petroleum industries. Expert in structural repair, fieldwork, fabrication, structure change out and modification, new construction, and client consultation. Experienced in the analytical review of engineering design, construction and maintenance for marine structures, and retrofit, conversion and new construction projects. Geographic areas worked include south Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, the Gulf of Mexico, South Korea, and Nigeria. Technically proficient in StabCad, StruCad, AutoCad, MathCad, and ShapeBuilder.

Pipeline/Riser Engineer - MD104
Marine and Mechanical Engineering Manager with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and over 30 years of experience in the marine industry. Expert in ship and FPSO operations, commercial management, and project management with particular emphasis on crude tankers, offshore floating structures and equipment, FPSOs and FSOs. Additionally experienced in senior seagoing and classification surveying fields.