Petrophysicist - GS285
Petrophysicist and Completion Specialist with a bachelor's degree and 35 years of international and domestic experience in the petroleum industry. Extensively experienced working with multi-disciplinary teams on integrated reservoir characterization studies both with educational institutions and energy companies. Additional experience includes multi-disciplinary integrated reservoir characterization studies in both low and high permeability reservoirs. Geographic areas worked include offshore and onshore Louisiana and Texas, the Mid-Continent, the Rocky Mountains, Venezuela, Canada, Trinidad, China, Argentina, and Austria. Software proficiency in PowerLog, QLA2, Prism, PetroWorks, Mfrac, and FracproPT. Language proficiency in Spanish.

Petrophysicist - GS295
Senior Petrophysicist with a master's degree in oil refining and petrochemistry, an MBA, and 21 years of experience working for operators and service companies. Experienced in reservoir characterization, formation evaluation, data acquisition; log interpretation; core-log integration; quality control, research, technical support, marketing and sales, business and product development, and mentoring. Geographic areas worked include the deep water Gulf of Mexico, onshore US, offshore Nigeria, south Africa, north Africa, Middle East, Argentina, Venezuela. Software proficiency in Techlog and GeoFrame.

Petrophysicist - GS428
Geophysicist with a bachelor's degree in geology and 40 years of experience working for major operators, small independents, and as an independent consultant. Expert in shaly sand analyses. Experience includes supervisory interpretation, acquisition and divestiture assessment, on-site operations supervision, well planning and completion, logging program design, coring program design, log analysis, well site evaluation, well log correlation, subsurface mapping, interpretation fault surface mapping, gross sand isopachs, hydrocarbon content mapping, petrophysical property determination (porosities, saturations, bulk density, formation water resistivity, formation temperature, clay content, lithology, and permeability), training junior petrophysicists, and instructing a geological mapping course. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, South America, and west Africa. Computer skills include PowerLog, Interactive Petrophysics, GeoFrame, HDS, and Petroworks.

Petrophysicist - GS345
Petrophysicist with a bachelor's degree in geology and over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for small and midsized E&P companies and service companies. Experienced in carbonate and sandstone formations in the areas of international and domestic petrophysics, reservoir geology, field development, reserve evaluation, and exploration. Additionally experienced in special core analysis, petrography, formation pressure evaluation, and mechanical properties' determination. Experienced as a multidisciplinary team member for property appraisal, basin analysis, reservoir simulation, seismic applications, hydraulic fracturing technology, and enhanced recovery. Geographical areas worked include the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, the Permian Basin, and Florida. International experience includes onshore Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Central America. Workstation experience consists of Dwights/PI, KINGDOM, Discovery, PowerLog, and OFM.

Petrophysicist - GS393
Petrophysicist with a master's degree in geophysics, a bachelor's degree in physics, and ten years of experience working in the oil and gas industry for operators and service companies. Experienced in conventional and unconventional resource evaluation and reservoir classification. Additionally experienced in geohazard modeling, operations management, and reservoir geosteering for well placement. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin and north and southwest United States. Software proficiency in Interactive Petrophysics, EarthVision, Senergy, DrillWorks, and Petra.

Petrophysicist - GS412
Petrophysicist with an MBA, a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, and over 30 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry for operators and service companies. Expert in advanced log interpretation, completion operations and evaluations, and unconventional resources. Additionally experienced in well logging services, pressure testing, coring, perforating, fracture and lithology identification tools, and unconventional technology platforms. Geographic areas worked include the coast of Asia, the mid-west United States, and offshore Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in PowerLog, Prizm, Interactive Petrophysics, Neural Networks and GAMLS.

Petrophysicist - GS403
Petrophysicist with a master's degree in geophysics, a bachelor's degree in natural science and mathematics with over 10 years of experience working for large and medium oil and gas companies. Expert in mapping, 3-D seismic interpretation, and data integration in the Rockies and mid-continent. Additionally experienced in both petrophysical and geophysical interpretations of shale plays, tight gas sands, and carbonates. Geographic areas include basins in west, northwest, southwest, south, and eastern United States, and Alaska. Software proficiency in Petra, Geolog, Powerlog, and Techlog. Looking for opportunities in Denver.

Petrophysicist - GS398
Petrophysicist with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and 21 years of international experience working for a service company. Expert in log interpretations and advanced sonic scanner interpretation. Experienced in analyzing mechanical properties, ECS elemental analysis (shale gas/oil and conventional reservoirs), cased hole log interpretation, and wireline operations. Geographic areas worked include deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Nigeria, Syria, and Libya. Language fluency in English and Arabic.

Petrophysicist - GS333
Petrophysicist with more than 25 years of E&P experience and holds a Ph.D. in Oilfield Development. Solid management experience with communication to be articulate, professional and friendly. Vast experience is in petrophysical, geophysical, business development, both domestic and international, marketing, mentoring, as well as software development. Characterized by references as dedicated, focused, highly professional, direct team environment, a wealth of experience, and a natural problem solver.

Petrophysicist - GS335
Experienced Petrophysicist holding a Master's degree. Experienced in well logging, administrative projects, and quality control which include performing tasks for mud logging, supervising log acquisitions, report generation, reserve calculations, and training, has strong workstation skills in Petcom Software (PowerLog), PetroWorks, and Interactive Petrophysics . In addition, has created the database for geopressured formations in Albania. Worked the Gulf of Mexico (shelf and deepwater), TX, WY, NM, AZ, AK, Canada, and Albania. Has authorization to work for any US employer.

Petrophysicist - GS382
Petrophysicist with a bachelor's degree in chemical and petroleum engineering and more than seven years of experience working for large and small oil and gas companies. Additionally is a Certified Petroleum Engineering Technologist. Experienced in open hole, cased hole, production log analysis, and quick look interpretation. Additionally experienced in calculating the original oil in place, prediction of primary production, evaluation of Enhanced Oil Recovery, and core gamma routine analysis. Software proficiencies include Interactive Petrophysics, Jlog, Spectrum Suite, Net+, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Language fluency in English, French, Swahili, and German.

Petrophysicist - GS357
Petrophysicist with Bachelor's degree and 32 years international industry practice. Expertise in carbonates, clastics, sand/shale, core analysis, logging and reservoir characterization as well as training and mentoring junior staff in petrophysical development. Geolog specialist. Geographical experience in Argentina, Canada, Libya and Saudi Arabia (deepwater-8000' to 10,000'). TN VISA. Bilingual: English/Hindi. Professional verbal and written presentation. Candidate open to relocation.

Petrophysicist - GS245
Petrophysicist with a bachelor's degree and 15 years of international and domestic formation evaluation and producing experience. Skilled in production log analysis and interpretation, core acquisition and analysis, and core-log characterization and integration. Extensively experienced working with multidisciplinary teams on field studies, development evaluations, and simulation studies including open- and cased-hole log analysis. Geographic areas include the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Highly skilled in Windows NT and UNIX.

Petrophysicist - GS293
Petrophysicist in Reservoir Integrated Studies as well in Reservoir Development, dealing with field development planning, well planning and production, also in Quantitative Interpretation, skilled in log analysis using workstation and PC based software applications and state of the art petrophysical interpretation techniques, and core analysis and core-log integration and seismic, also possesses solid understanding of logging tools, including new technology and Borehole imaging logs, in addition to a detailed experience on acquisition, quality control, interpretation and evaluation of petrophysical (wireline, LWD and core) data.

Petrophysicist - GS302
Geologist/petrophysicist with a BS and 20+ years of experience in planning and implementing reservoir characterization projects and well-site geology. Experienced in application of cross-plotting to develop relationships between different populations, core description of carbonate and clastic lithologies. Knowledge of interpretation of conventional and special core analysis. Workstation experience using Geolog, Multimin, Landmark Openworks, Petroworks, Stratworks and Z Map+, SDI Montage, Basinmod, Petcom Log Analysis, Powerlog, and Petra. Proficient in speaking and writing the Spanish language. Exhibits excellent presentation and writing skills.

Petrophysicist - GS186
Petrophysicist and petroleum engineer with a Bachelor's Degree and over 20 years of experience working for major oil companies. Highly skilled problem solver and troubleshooter. Experienced in reservoir analysis, magnetic resonance imaging, log analysis, waveform interpretation, cased-hole log interpretation, and dipmeter processing and depositional environment interpretation. Geographic areas worked include Nigeria, the Gulf of Mexico, Delaware basin, Arkoma, Gulf coast, and Venezuela. Experienced in many logging tools including, Density, acoustic, neutron, induction and lateral devices, Spectralog, Carbon Oxygen, and Neutron Lifetime. Proficient in specialized interpretations including MRIL, MAC, DAC, PRISM, CBIL, CO, FMT, DIELECTRIC, DIPLOG, STRATADIP, and Production logs.

Petrophysicist - GS340
Geoscientist with over 14 years of experience and a BS in geology. Has extensive knowledge in 2D and 3D field design, support of geological and geophysical data acquisition, processing, analysis and improvement. Safety management process and the ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Initiatives.

Petrophysicist - GS339
Accomplished petroleum geologist with Texas onshore development experience with repeated success in prospect recognition and generation. Strong mapping skills and is proficient in GeoQuest, Landmark and SMT interpretation applications. Not only taught interpretation applications to other geologists and geophysicists, but has also designed and written training manuals. Although a successful trainer, very anxious in getting back into exploitation and exploration.

Petrophysicist - GS311
Petrophysicist with a PhD and 17 years of combined experience in applied research at Stanford University and international and domestic exploration and production with major and large independent oil companies. Skilled in field log model development, seismic petrophysics, and pore pressure prediction. Extensively experienced working with multidisciplinary teams on field studies, development evaluations, and well planning. Proficient in open-hole log and core analysis. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Venezuela, Alaska, Russia, and Nigeria. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Geolog, and Kaleidagraph. Effective communication skills in English.