Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE824
Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree and 11 years of experience working for service companies and as an independent consultant. Experience includes the pipeline/LNG, petrochemical and refinery industries, project management, full cycle design and installation, onshore and offshore petrochemical and gas compression packages, medium and high voltage substation design and layout, GE and Solar gas turbine design and packaging, electrical and instrumentation, protection and control systems, motor control centers, one line diagrams, electrical schematic and wiring diagrams, SEL protective relays, switch-yard layout, breaker change out and compliance (UL and IEEE), CADD for motor schematic templates, cable and tray design, ETAP load flow studies, short circuit studies, arc flash calculation, voltage drop calculations, P&IDs, HAZOP reviews, NEC, IEC, Atex, NFPA, ISO, IEC61850, ANSI, startup, commissioning, design building specifications, cost and accounting management, scope of work, deliverables, work hours, bid evaluations and awards, requisition and procurement, engineer and subcontractor management, and installation and construction. Technical skills include AutoCAD, ETAP, SKM, INTOOLS, Microsoft Visual Basic (advanced), Micro Station, network routers, and EZI View. Geographic areas worked include Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Panama, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the US, and Yemen.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE924
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in aerospace engineering. Experienced in developing electrical architecture for downhole control and acquisition systems, designing main boards for telemetry and sensor acquisition, managing external resources to complete eCAD and product file work, designing software architecture, developing firmware, and conducting training and field-test support. Programming language proficiency in C, C++, SQL, Visual Studio, and MATLAB. Software proficiency using Altium, SPICE, and embedded software development.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE1049
Electronics Engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and 16 years of experience working for an industrial electronics company and a technology company. PCB design experience includes product development, custom hardware design, layouts and schematics for data acquisition and downhole tools, power supply for high current/voltage, A/C to DC power supply, analog filters for data acquisition, component selection, route and layout (for high temperature boards, high speed, low impedance, low noise, analog, and digital design), multiple layer designs, schematic and PCB library generation and maintenance, 3D models to optimize design, Gerber file generation, and PCB rules. FPGA design experience includes VHDL code design and implementation for the acquisition of seismic and downhole tool data, power usage and gate count design optimization, custom VHDL modules, test-bench development, Actel/Microsemi, Xilinx, Intel, design and sub-block flow charts, and test plan generation and execution. Additional experience includes design and validation of memory controller hub chips for mobile microprocessor chip sets. Computer skills include Windows, Linux, iOS, C, C++, Assembly, Basic, UNIX, VHDL/Verilog, PERL, Visio, SVN, AutoCAD LT, Libero Suite (FPGA Design), Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom, Altium Designer, SPI, CAN bus, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, 12C, and 12S.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE899
Electrical Engineer with a master's degree and 11 years of experience working for a service company and a defense company. Experience includes investigation of managed pressure drilling for deepwater applications, riser string annulus restrictions, downhole sensor and electronics design of LWD and MWD tools, LWD for well placement applications, MWD for coil tubing applications, analog board design, active filter design, receiver front end development, transmitter design, antenna characterization, analog simulations, cross-coupling testing and analysis, magnetics design, tool electronics architecture exploration, high temperature electronics design, component mounting techniques for high shock applications, manufacturing and environmental qualification testing, board and system level electronics testing and troubleshooting, experimental tool integration, field test support, sensor characterizations, and management of technicians, eCADs, and DfX resources for product development. Technical skills include LTSpice, MatLab design and scripting, Simulink, Stateflow, Xilinx toolbox, LabVIEW design and testing, system integration, qualification testing, design verification, technical documentation, analog design and simulation, and research and trade studies.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE919
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree and over 20 years of experience working for service companies, technology manufacturers, and a defense company. Experience includes engineering leadership and support of complex electrical and mechanical systems and research, design and development of downhole electronic systems (MWD/LWD and wireline), analog and power electronics, RF systems, VHF downhole applications, RF power sub-systems for MRI and NMR spectrometry (including downhole wireline applications), noise array tools, cement bounding tools, magnetic thickness detectors, resistivity LWD tools, transmitters, formation evaluation tools, power converters, and high temperature operations. Additional experience includes microcontrollers (TI, analog device), FPGA (Altera and Xilinx), lab field testing, support documentation for commercialization and manufacturability, and standards and regulations. Computer skills include Altium, ORCAD, PLC programming, P-CAD, P-SPICE, HP-ADS, and VHDL for FPGA (Altera). Languages include fluent English, Russian, and Ukranian.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE915
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree and two years of experience working for a service company. Experience includes motor protection relay upgrades, equipment and systems troubleshooting, wiring diagrams, preventative maintenance oversight (of MCC, motor starters, and switchgears), scope of work development (turnarounds, outages, and maintenance), motors (induction, synchronous, DC), starters, VFDs, cables, batteries (VLA, VRLA, NiCd), UPS, chargers, transformers, circuit breakers, numeric relays, generators (10MW to 40 MW), excitation systems, arc flash incident training, turnaround and outage planning and execution, root cause failure analysis, incident investigations, and standards, including NEC, NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, IEEE 841, IEEE C57, NETA Maintenance Test Standards, and IEEE 43. Technical skills include PowerDB, DCS (distributed control system), SKM, LabVIEW, Multism, Matlab, C+ +, Sql, Linux, P-Spice, and Microstation.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE940
Electrical Engineer with a master's degree and over 20 years of experience working for a service company, a petrochemical power plant, an electrical manufacturer, and a university. Oil and gas experience includes the study, design, and FEED of an onshore/offshore islanding system, oilfield equipment development project management, electrical system design, load evaluation, short circuit calculation, arc flash estimation, low and medium voltage power systems, technical specs (for ehouse, switchgear, UPS and MCC, and PLC), scope of supply proposals, and 70KW powertrain servo systems design. Additional experience includes LV and MV power system design and project management, new machine R&D, FE analysis, and codes and standards (NFPA, NEMA, IEC, IEEE, UL, CSA, etc.). Computer skills include AutoCAD Electrical, SolidWorks, and SKM.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE1045
Electrical Engineer with a master's degree in digital signal processing and over 30 years of experience working for service companies and technology companies. Experienced in system, analog and digital design for downhole tools. Downhole Electrical Engineering Lead for a coil tubing intervention tool system, which included embedded downhole system design, PCB schematic capture and layout design, high temperature practice, sensor interface circuits, instrumentation amplifiers, ADC converter, DC to DC converter, ESD protection design, power supply switching, sensor calibrations, validation and qualification of test plans, tool wiring diagrams, test procedure documents, and team member guidance and review. Technical Lead on an electrical submersible pump sensor system, which included validation (of circuit design, PCB layout, debugging, and testing/verification), OFDM firmware communication planning, downhole high temperature electronic design and verification, qualification test planning, fixture and harness testing, and HAL standards for class III downhole electronics. Additional experience includes an RTT downhole electrical hardware system, design revision, high-speed decoupling layout optimization, battery shutdown circuits, 1-wire interface signal integrity, manufacturability requirements, testing requirements and specifications, and microprocessor drivers and firmware code. Technical skills include FPGA (Xilinx), CPLD (Xilinx), VHDL programming, Xilinx ISE, TI debug/emulator, TI CSS, IAR, Unix, OrCAD, PADS, Allegro, and ModelSim. Languages include fluent English and Chinese Mandarin.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE953
Systems Engineer with a master's degree in electrical engineering and 15 years of experience working for service companies, an energy storage company, and electrical manufacturers. Oil and gas experience includes the lead design, development, testing, and manufacturing and installation supervision of a drilling VFD power management system to control top drives, mud pumps, drawworks, etc. per IEC, ABS, and DNV guidelines, circuit board design and development (for pre charge, snubber design, and voltage feedback), drafter management, scheduling and reporting, budgeting and cost analysis, engineering BOM management, materials planning, VFD product management, WAGO programming (for drives assignment, motor protection, pre charge, and safety), power systems modeling and simulation, harmonic analysis and mitigation, full lifecycle technical support, NOV futures project management, heat and liquid flow analysis, HVAC systems for VFD power houses, and training and mentoring VFD electrical engineers. Additional experience includes the design and testing of energy storage systems, electrical equipment, electronics systems, power systems, components, and control panel systems. Computer skills include EMI, EMC, ETAP, Matlab, PSIM, SKM, P-Spice, Cadence, ANSYS, Altium, AutoCAD, Wago, Siemens PLC and automation, ABB Drive Composer, Labview, Solidworks, TeamCenter, drives (ABB, Siemens, Toshiba, Schneider, Parker, Dynapower, etc.), Vantage8, IQS, Fourth Shift, SAP Business One, Oracle, Primavera Project Management, Crystal Reports XI, Visio, and Protel.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE902
Electrical Engineer with a master's degree in electrical engineering and seven years of experience working for a large service company. Expert in designing wireline and MWD tools and in downhole technology. Experience in designing electronics for high-temperature downhole environments, developing and designing boards and testing systems for wireline tools, performing qualification tests for essential boards and materials, and performing troubleshooting and qualification tests for newly designed products. Additional experience in supporting supply chain and project management, developing a bill of materials for design projects, interfacing with vendors, and coaching and mentoring junior engineers. Software skills include LabVIEW and HyperLynx. Oral and written fluency in Albanian and English, basic writing and conversational proficiency in French and Italian.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE790
Instrumentation and controls engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 16 years of global experience with diverse industrial applications and infrastructures. Experienced in project/program/construction management including instrumentation and control (I&C)with an emphasis in engineer process control (EPC), supervising control and data acquisition (SCADA), programmable logic controllers (PLC), direct digital control (DDC), and I&C management. Experienced in project scope, project implementation and commissioning, panel checks, loop checks, proportional integral derivative (PID) tuning, and overall system conformance to customer specifications, the design, construction, installation and commissioning of entire industrial control systems. Experienced in AB FlexIO, AB PLC5, AB SLC500, GE CIMPLICITY, JOHNSON METASYS, johnson control hardware, and assorted instrumentation and valving. Electronic Information Technology (EIT) certification. Non native language fluency in Spanish and working knowledge of Portuguese.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE898
Electrical and Electronic Design Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering and over five years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for mid-sized research and development firms. Experienced in engineering design of downhole and openhole technologies including telemetry tools, production logging tools, and gamma ray tools. Designed components include circuits, hardware architectures, and power supplies. Additional experience in preparation of specifications for purchase of materials and equipment, overseeing production efforts, and integrating firmware with the hardware design. Software skills include Multisim, GerbTool, Visual Studio, MATLAB, Xilinx ISE, PsocC Designer, and Microsoft Office.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE897
Electrical Engineer with a master's degree in electrical engineering and over five years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for major service companies. Experienced in process development, design and manufacture of electronic assemblies, design of mechanical assemblies for resistivity measurement tools, and the development of automated function test systems, firmware for microcontrollers, and software for reading, processing, and analyzing downhole data. Additional experience in sourcing components, materials, and suppliers and reviewing and improving on existing electrical designs related to high temperature downhole tools. Software skills include Altium, Multisim/Ultiboard, LabVIEW, Cadence, OrCAD/Allegro, Mentor, Pro/E, Creo, MATLAB, ModelSim, LTSpice, TINA, ADS, AutoCAD, and Quartus II. Programming languages include Assembly, Embedded C, C++, Verilog, VHDL, JAVA, UNIX, Python, and HTML.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE223
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 16 years of domestic and international experience with operating and service companies. Expert in electrical hardware design and software development associated with distributed control systems, programmable logic control systems, SCADA systems, and advanced PID systems. Additionally experienced in the controls for drilling and production operations, power generation, cement, and water treatment. Geographic areas include the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Software and systems proficiency in Honeywell TDC 3000, Bailey Infi 90, Siemens S7 90, Assembler, INTools, AutoCAD, PDS modeling, and Koyo205. Ask for IE223.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE27
Project manager with a bachelors' degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, and 27 years of experience, both domestic and international. Expert in distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic control systems (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), temperature and vibration detection and analysis systems, in-line instrumentation, and relief valves systems. Experienced in the controls of power generation, gas plants, refineries, and chemical plants. Additionally experienced in leading projects from inception and scope definition, to commissioning and start-up. Geographic areas worked include the Virgin Islands, the continental United States, the North Sea, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Licensed Professional Engineer in the States of California, Texas, and Virginia. Fluent in Armenian, Arabic, French, and proficient conversationally in German, Chinese, and Spanish.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE282
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 33 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in operational support and modifications of field instrumentation, control and safety systems, and communications of onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities. Experienced in field engineering supervisory roles for reinstrumentation projects of petrochemical plants in the U.S. and internationally. Systems and software experience include AutoCAD 11, INTools Instrument Database, Yokogawa Centum CS3000, and Yokogawa Prosafe RS safety system.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE49
Electrical engineering technician with an Associates degree and 15 years of experience in the computer and oilfield industries. Skilled in troubleshooting to component level and prototyping electronic circuits and assembly printed circuit boards using good soldering skills. Able to build cables, mechanical assemblies, test fixtures, and read schematics, wiring diagrams, bill of materials, and mechanical drawings. Familiar with high-temperature military components. Skilled in the use of meters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, and other lab equipment. Proficient using MS Office.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE701
Project engineer with a Bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering and over 14 years of experience. Areas of expertise include project engineering, instrumentation and control, vendor development / management, and maintenance / installation / commissioning in offshore and onshore oilfield, refinery and petrochemical automation. Experience includes gathering technical specifications & requirements of client, system design, selection & design of equipment, getting approvals for drawings from the client / consultant, making necessary modifications and releasing the same for execution of the project, eliminating redundant / obsolete processes involved in the design, developing processes and working towards value-addition, conducting trials & tests, identifying any changes and making final modifications in components for routine production, quality assurance at design stage as well as at execution stage. Additional experience include detailed engineering, system engineering, instrument sizing, and preparation of instrument data sheets, specifications, layouts, loop drawings & logic diagrams, preparing cable schedule, hook up diagrams, JB schedule, interconnection diagrams, PLCI/O list, DCSI/O list control room layout and flow charts. Further experience includes planning and affecting preventive / predictive / breakdown maintenance schedules of various distributed control system to increase machine up time / equipment reliability, managing overall activities pertaining to installation and commissioning of a wide range of machinery, and systems and equipments. Computer skills include Honeywell PlantScape, SCADA, TDC-3000, GUS, FSC, C/C++ and MS SQL Server/Oracle/MS Access, Crystal Reports for Process Control Applications, and Visual Basic, Oracle 8, Developer 2000, MS-Access.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE521
Technical advisor with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 36 years of experience. Expert in power transformers, shunt reactors, power and control cables, current and voltage transformers, and power protection testing. Experienced in the design, erection, testing and commissioning of 132 KV substations in a number of sites in various parts of the Middle East. Additionally experienced in site inspections, supervision of installation and testing of substation equipment including power transformers, switchgear, power cables, control and protection equipment, outdoor line termination equipment, supervision of tower foundation work, tower erection and stringing transmission lines. Language fluency in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE190
Electrical and instrumentation engineer with a master's degree and 31 years of hands on experience in project management and maintenance in the petrochemical and refinery industries. Expert in plant electrical power distribution systems; installation of instrumentation, DCS, PLC systems and variable speed drives; sizing of control valves and development of P&IDs; and instrument and electrical standards and calibration procedures. Experienced in supervising and training electrical and instrument technicians, and writing technical standards, manuals, specifications, and contract documents. Technically proficient in SAP, JD Edwards, and INtools.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE466
Instrumentation and controls engineer with a bachelor's degree in instrumentation and control engineering and 14 years of experience in the energy industry. Expert in electrical, automation, instrumentation and control system design, specification preparation, and construction inspection. Experienced in DCS-PLCs, control panels, instrumentation system design, schematic preparation, specifications and contract document preparation. Computer skills include PLC programming of RSLogix-5/500, RSview, AutoCAD, Microstation, database, MS-Project, Triton, BAAN, Honeywell Control builder, and Client builder.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE754
Electrical engineer with a master's degree in electrical power engineering and 30 years experience in the downstream oil and gas, construction and academic sectors. Expertise in construction project management, power generation and distribution, electrical motors and motor control centers, and training and development. Background includes installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of generators, transformers, transmission lines, switchgear, protection systems, motor control center (MCC), 2000 HP motors and pumps, ACHV, .rectifiers and UPS units. Computer skills include ETAP, MATLAB, Spice, Economic Dispatch, MS Word, Excel, Fortran, Canvas, and C- language.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE766
Electrical Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 22 years of oil and gas experience working for engineering and service companies. Experienced in process control system equipment, programmable logic controllers (PLC), distributed control systems (DCS), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), pneumatic and electronic instrumentation (analog and digital), project engineering, procurement, construction management, and commissioning and start up for oil and gas and petrochemical plants. Geographic areas worked include the USA, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, Brazil, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Korea. IE 766

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE108
Electrical and project engineer with a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and over 25 years of experience in the engineering industry. Areas of expertise are design and construction of electrical, instrument and project management. Experience include all aspects of electrical design and construction aspects for power plants, substations, refineries, petrochemical, offshore platforms, cogeneration, water/wastewater plants, computer data centers clean rooms, manufacturing and package plants. Specific experience include projects in steam, gas and diesel turbine generators, power distribution systems, switchyards and substations, transformer, switches, underground and overhead systems. Further experience include building power and lighting systems, maintenance programs, root cause, failure analysis, power studies and project trouble shooting.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE407
Control Systems Engineer with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and 35 years of global experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in developing and issuing specifications, data sheets, and requisitions for all types of field instrumentation including flow elements and valves. Additionally experienced in performing flow element and control valve sizing calculations, generating alarm summaries, reviewing quotations, and preparing bid summaries for gas metering skids, valves and similar equipment. Language fluency in Italian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, and French.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer - IE504
System design engineer with Bachelor degrees in computer engineering technology and electronic engineering and 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Areas of expertise include electrical, electronic, controls, and IT system design engineering in subsea oil and gas development. Experience include designing complete detail design package of electrical/electronic/control systems in accordance with the design specifications for construction release with applicable standards such as; ANSI, IEEE, NEC, ISA, NEMA, CSA, UL, API, IEC, DNV, and ISO standards. Experience further include the development of test procedures to verify system functionality and safety standards, DCS/HMI and PLC, and the preparation of budgets for bids/quotations as required by project management, and creating convincing sales proposal and documentations. Additional experience in IT, design and implementation of LAN/WAN systems network architecture, resolving routine issues, integrating networks systems within and between sites, measuring network traffic and trends, developing and installing security systems solutions that will ensure proprietary/confidential data and systems are protected. Computer skills include MS-Office incl. MS-Access, SAP, IMAN Systems, MS-Project, PeopleSoft, INtools, Wonderware, C/C++, Visual Basic, Java-Script, MathCAD, AutoCAD and Microstation.