Geoscience Technician - TG292
Geoscience Technician with 20 years of experience working for major and large independent oil and gas companies. Expert in managing large geoscience data rooms and providing user technical support. Additionally experienced in systems networking, diagnosing and repairing operating systems, solving hardware and application issues, assisting non-technical internal and external geosciences clients, and overseeing and conducting data conversion projects. Software proficiency in GeoQuest, GeoFrame, IESX, StratLog, GeoViz, Landmark OpenWorks and StratWorks, MapView, ArcGIS, PETRA, Recall, GeoGraphix, Lexco OWL, ZEH Graphics, Legato Network backup, PI/Dwights, and Petrel.

Geoscience Technician - TG275
Geoscience Technician with over 20 years of experience in large and mid-sized producing companies. Expert in Petra software. Experienced in analyzing data, importing data, exporting fault boundaries and well data, supporting, ordering, and delivering log data, preparing maps and cross-sections, troubleshooting software, and digitizing contours, horizons, and faults. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico deepwater, offshore international territory, and onshore United States. Computer proficiency includes OpenWorks, StratWorks, SeisWorks, PI/Dwights, Z-MAP, Lexco OWL, RECALL, ArcView GIS, GeoQuest, GeoFrame, SMT, SDI Montage, PlanPlus 2000, Intellex, and UNIX systems.

Geoscience Technician - TG652
Geoscientist with 21 years of data processing experience in the oil and gas industry. Responsibilities included supporting the geophysical and petrophysical staff on quality control of all data, uploading and quality check all seismic data, use of Smartfields tool to quality check all decision gates for each project, data quality management, digitizing well logs, contours, faults, shot points, leases, and coordinating all internal and external digitizing, reviewing scout tickets and reports on well log projects, checking perforations at well depths for calculations, and running calculations for well log analyst. Experienced in analyzing data problems, workflow improvement, building maps, spreadsheets, and graphs, finding duplicate wells, and completing statistical plots to find bad well elevations, locations, and well header information. Expertise in numerous software applications including Advanced Geographix, Auto Cad, GEOS Graphic, Geographix Explorer, GeoQuest, Intellex, Neurolog, NeuraSection, NeuraView, PI Dwight's, Z-Map, Datalogix, Qclogix, Petra, Tobin, Petro Log, Geo-Log, TechLog, Smartfields, 123DI, and Petrel.

Geoscience Technician - TG154
Experienced (21-year) geologist in conducting regional studies, surveillance, field development, operations, exploration, and assets divestitures, focused on business planning, development of conventional and unconventional resource assessment. I have vast interpretation and drilling experience with Cotton Valley sands. I have done reservoir characterization for various producing formations. Skilled in drilling horizontal wells, handling daily rig activities; facilitate communication between Drilling & Geology and execute plans. Expertise also includes analyzing Petrophysical and Geochemical data. Presented peer reviews and post drill presentations.

Geoscience Technician - TG707
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree and ten years of experience in data management and seismic data support. Has worked with both geologists and geophysicists in supporting roles. Candidate is experienced in organizing well files, database maintenance, seismic data loading, data inventory and scanning documents. Workstation skills consist of Petrel, Openworks, Tellus, Access, Excel, VIA Vista, SAP and UNIX systems. Has excellent computer skills and learns quickly.

Geoscience Technician - TG932
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree in geography and 11 years of experience working for a major operator and a city government. Experience includes regional and field mapping, exploration evaluation, field analysis, database creation and administration, heritage data compilations, geographic due diligence, and data quality assurance and control. Specific data experience includes discrete log curves, images, point datasets, prospect polygons, lease sale maps, subsurface grids, seismic interpretations, customized well sections, surveys, aerial photography, and coordinate geometry. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Qatar, and Texas. Computer skills include ArcGIS suite, ArcEditor, SQL, Petrel, ArcSDE, and Tableau.

Geoscience Technician - TG706
Geoscience Technician with excellent experience supporting geologists, reservoir engineers, and the operation applications in mapping, data management, geoscience and engineering technology. Geographic areas of experience include Gulf of Mexico (deepwater and shelf), Gulf Coast (Louisiana and Texas), Oklahoma, as well as west Texas. Solid computer skills consisting of ArcView, Geolog, TOW, Dwights/PI, I.H.S., Geographix, Landmark Seisworks, Stratworks, Openworks, GeoPlus Petra, UNIX, Intellex, Oracle, and Aries. This great candidate works very well in high stress environments and interacts well with executives.

Geoscience Technician - TG896
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree in psychology and six years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for investment banks. Experienced in producing maps, exhibits, charts, drawings, and montages for client presentations and data room displays, producing cross sections and stratigraphic columns, creating CD labels and covers, creating graphic materials for conventions, and maintaining electronic and hard copy files of drawings and specifications. Software proficiency in Petra, IHS Enerdeq, Global Mapper, CorelDraw, Adobe, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Office. Language proficiency in Spanish.

Geoscience Technician - TG941
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree and 13 years of experience working for a major operator, a service company, and an investment bank. Experience includes Petra and ArcMap projects, shapefiles, Well Sticks, drilling plans, competitor data export, competitor activity montages, drilling and well maps, maps for books and presentations, wall exhibits, well assignments, well and log database maintenance, regional tops in Petra, GeoProgs, Excel assemblage, software training, PDS administration, and seismic cataloging. Computer skills include ArcGIS, Petra, OpenWorks, Decision Space, Petrosys, Petrel, Spotfire, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Blue Marble, IHS Enerdeq, Drilling Info, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Geoscience Technician - TG883
Geoscience Technician with 14 years of experience working for large operators, a major laboratory, and a large service company. Experienced in supporting reservoir engineers and geologists with technical studies, data base management, creating and manipulating map data, diagrams, profiles, cross sections, and directional surveys; project development, and managing log and geophysical data loading. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Columbia, the Caribbean, and Canada. Software proficiency in GeoGraphix, OpenWorks, Landmark DSD, Petra, Petrel, GIS ArcView 10, Powerlogs, Neuralog, IHS Applications, DrillingInfo, and SMT.

Geoscience Technician - TG938
Geoscience Technician with 13 years of experience working for major operators. Experience includes technical support and training, digitization, geo-referencing, master project creation, data management, correlation/picks, grids, contours, cross-sections, montages, illustrations, and maps for presentations. Geographic areas worked include east Africa, southeast Asia, Australia, the Bakken, California, China, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Kansas, Marcellus shale, the Nemaha Ridge, New Albany, Oklahoma, the Permian Basin, South America, east and west Texas, and Wyoming. Computer skills include ArcGis, Petra, Petrel, Trinity, WellView, IHS Enerdeq, Photoshop, Spotfire, Geoframe, OpenSpirit, OpenWorks, Zmap, Stratworks, Unix, Recall, Exceed, Citrix, Neuralog, Arc Explorer, and IHS EDIN.

Geoscience Technician - TG528
Geoscience Technician with an associate's degree and 20 years of experience working for major operators and a large independent company. Experienced in loading data, registering depth data on raster logs, selecting interval data, generating basemaps, well locations, tops, lease maps, and bubble maps; creating montages, creating cross sections, downloading scout tickets and production data, and formatting Excel spreadsheets for importing well data. Software proficiency in GeoGraphix, GeoAtlas, SMT, Landmark, StratWorks, SeisWorks, Openworks, and Log Curves.

Geoscience Technician - TG697
Quality Assurance Analyst with over 9 years of technology experience implementing an organization's quality assurance initiatives, software integration plans, and 4 years experience in Data Management. Experienced with Directional Surveys, ArcGIS (Arcview, Arc/Info, SDE), Mapping, Worldwide Coordinate System, Cartography, Grid Systems, Datum Conversion, Finder, Z-MAP, Landmark Softwares, Data Warehouse Technology. Extensive experience in Functional, UAT, Integration , Data Driven , Regression, Black box, GUI, Back-end, Load/ Performance testing in different stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Automation Tools. Experience in GUI Test automation using WinRunner, TestDirector and load/stress tests under Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. Experienced in testing .NET, J2EE, Web-based and Oracle applications. Experienced with multiple platforms including UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, and Novell. Experienced with Oracle, SQLServer, MS Access, Visual C#, Visual Basic, FORTRAN.

Geoscience Technician - TG236
Geoscience Technician with 17 years of domestic and international experience in small and major oil and gas companies. Experienced in managing, analyzing, troubleshooting, and integrating geological and geophysical data for management, production data retrieval systems, and lease sale activities. Additionally experienced in preparing cross-sections, graphs, charts, maps, and wellbore diagrams, and digitizing base maps and logs. Software proficiency includes GeoGraphix, Lexco, NeuroLog, Landmark OpenWorks, Zeh graphics, Petra, Z-MAP, SDI Montage, Intellex, Finder, and Petroleum Information/Dwights. Operating system proficiency includes OS, MVS, SP, SAS, COBOL, AIMS, UNIX, LAN, and SQL.

Geoscience Technician - TG884
Geoscience Technician with 11 years of oil and gas industry experience working for small independents. Experienced in providing technical support for geology, geophysics, land, and engineering across all discipline levels including generating maps and cross sections, loading seismic data, printing and scanning geological data, well logs, maps, cross sections, reports, and studies; searching and locating wells, ordering core samples, and maintaining databases. Software proficiency in SMT Kingdom, DrillingInfo, NeuraScanner, NeuraLaser/Viewer, MAS2000, Geoatlas, XSection, IHS Enerdeq, WellBase, DI Desktop, Global Mapper, ScanWorks/Colortrac, Query Builder, Lexco, and AFE Navigator. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin.

Geoscience Technician - TG611
Geoscience Technician with 33 years of experience working for independent producers and engineering consulting firms. Experienced in supporting geological, geophysical, petrophysical, engineering, and land professionals. Technical proficiency includes data loading, data exporting, data management, digitizing, cross section creation, planimetering, report generation, map revisions and edits, wellbore schematics creation, digital archiving, and presentation design. Advanced software skills in Petra, Geographix, ArcGIS, Kingdom, Global Mapper, OpenWorks, SeisWorks, and DSS. Additional software proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Front Page, Power Tools, Zmap, Enerdeq, and NeuraLog.

Geoscience Technician - TG689
Geoscience Technician with more than 30 years of oil and gas industry experience working for major oil and gas companies and service companies supporting geophysicists, geologists, engineers, and petrophysicists. Experienced in designing and implementing clerical programs, arranging data for database input, analyzing and evaluating software packages being considered for purchase. Additional experience includes gathering, cleaning, and loading data, creating overlays, preparing spreadsheets for the engineers, and preparing montage and PowerPoint presentations. Computer skills include OpenWorks, UNIX, Linux, GeoFrame, GeoGraphix, Oracle, ArcGIS, PEEP, ARIES, Finder, Z-MAP, PetCom, PI/Dwights , Lexco OWL, and Geolog.

Geoscience Technician - TG353
Geologic technician and seismic processor experienced with three major oil and gas companies in a variety of international and domestic projects using UNIX, IBM mainframes, and PCs. Dependable, detail- and quality-oriented team player, with a reputation for consistently meeting deadlines. Known for the ability to solve problems and streamline work processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Organized with good communication skills and a demonstrated commitment to business objectives. Computer Skills include: MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, JCL, ISPF, SAS, MODEL204, NOMAD2, GeoFrame, IESX, Landmark, GeoGraphix, Mira, DEC Micro VAX, DOS, UNIX (Sun Solaris), MS Office, Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, SASGRAPH, Harvard Graphics, Petroleum Information (PI), Production Analyst (PA), OilField Manager (OFM), and AssetDB.

Geoscience Technician - TG903
Geoscience Technician with an associate's degree in electronics engineering technology and 30 years of experience working for a major and large independent operators. Experience includes well data management, data mining, map creation, log plotting, cross section, log splicing, depth shifting, digitizing, petrophysical technology, geoscience technology, project leadership, standards development, and technical training and development. Computer skills include PC and UNIX, Geolog, Neuralog, Petra, ArcGIS 9, Openworks, iPoint, Recall, PWE, Techlog, PetroWeb, EDB, and Navigator, Wellview.

Geoscience Technician - TG677
Technician with twenty-three years experience in database management and program analysis. Experience includes analysis/interpretation and synthesis of technical information relating to a broad spectrum of topics from the oil refinery field to hovercraft to paleontological data. Provided management direction for logistics support analysis as well as related training, publications and databases. Additionally, nine years experience in preparation, scanning and quality control of drawings and documentation using standard processes and procedures. Holds excellent skills in TIMS, WDI, Windows NT; ARC View; Oracle; SQL Plus 8.0; Microsoft Office Suite, Data Auditor 4.0; Document Pro 2000 file retrieval system; Lotus Notes; MicroStation SE; AutoCAD; ScanServ; Document Retrieval Tool; ThumbsPlus; Intergraph Eagle I/F. Experienced in the use of Xerox 7356 Scanner; Scangraphics 8000, Scanner; Intergraph Eagle 3640 Scanner; Dell server; Unix s6400 server; HP NT server; and Novell network.

Geoscience Technician - TG827
Geophysical Technician with an associate's degree and five years of experience working for E&P companies. Experienced in compiling, gathering, and posting geological, geophysical and well log data and production reports. Additionally experienced in producing surveys, loading and importing geological and geophysical data in 2-D and 3-D formats, creating structural cross-sections, and posting Paleo data on directional wells to TVD logs. Geographical areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in GeoFrame, ArcGIS, SMT, IHS, OWL, and MMS.

Geoscience Technician - TG899
Visualization and Geoscience Applications Specialist with an associate's degree in petroleum technology and 38 years of experience working for major operators and service companies. Experience includes seismic data loading, workflow development, surface interpretation, reservoir visualization, 3D visualization, data scripting, mapping and charting, quality control, and technical support, training and demonstration. Geographic areas worked include Brazil, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, west Africa, the US. Computer skills include Geoframe/IESX, Paradigm 3D Visualization, SiesX, GeoSec, Stratamagic SolidGeo, Focus, Geodepth, and Hampson-Russell.

Geoscience Technician - TG109
Geoscience technician with a Bachelor's in Graphic Art and 11 years of experience working with a major oil and gas company and a large independent. Highly experienced in creating maps which include time and depth structure, isopach, net sand, porosity, and cross-sections. Knowledgeable in handling directional data. Skilled in planimeter usage, data management, and preparation of wellbore utilization charts. Expert in graphical presentations. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Computer skills include Landmark, ZMAP, OpenWorks, SeisWorks, StratWorks, Geo-Data management, Finder, Intergraph, Autocad, GeoQuest, TDQ, SQL, Oracle, HTML, NOMAD, and Microsoft Office. Fluent in German.

Geoscience Technician - TG710
Geoscience Technician with management and technical training and 11 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Extensive background in data management, IT support, troubleshooting systems, data issues and workflows, and staff training, presentations, and management. Skilled in well log data, research, and depth calibration. Broad based computer experience in the following: Petra, A2D Longline and Workshop, Microsoft Office Suite, SONRIS, Landmark-Smart Section, ArcView GIS, NDS Digitizing, and P-2000. Geographic history working with projects located in the Gulf of Mexico deepwater, Texas, Colorado, Canada, UK, and Libya. Team player; readily establishes rapport with company personnel.

Geoscience Technician - TG674
Geoscience Technician with 16 years of experience working for small and large independents and service companies. Expert in GIS mapping. Experienced in creating graphic presentations, preparing structure maps, structural cross sections, isopach maps, land maps, core data analysis, maintaining production reports, and records management. Software proficiency in AutoCAD, GeoGraphix, PETRA, ArcGIS, DrillingInfo, Photoshop, and CorelDRAW.

Geoscience Technician - TG683
Geoscience Technician with over 25 years of experience working for large and mid-sized producing companies. Experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining company filing systems, data management, and creating archive systems for digital well log images. Software proficiency in SMT, Neurasection, Neuralog, UNIX, and SONRIS.

Geoscience Technician - TG158
Geoscience Technician with over 30 years of experience working for large and mid-sized producing companies. Experienced in all phases of geophysical and geological mapping procedures including; coordinating transformations, time/depth conversions, and volumetric calculations. Geographic areas worked include North America, South America, China, Africa, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, both shelf and deepwater. Software proficiency in OpenWorks, StratWorks, SeisWorks, PI/Dwights, Z-MAP, Lexco OWL, RECALL, ArcView GIS, GeoQuest, GeoFrame, SMT, SDI Montage, PlanPlus 2000, Intellex, and UNIX systems.

Geoscience Technician - TG480
Geoscience Technician with 12 years of experience working for a major operator, a small independent, and service companies. Experienced in 2D and 3D seismic data loading, seismic processing, seismic dataset conversion, mapping, and quality control. Additionally experienced in document control and retrieval, document distribution, data storage, database maintenance, and development of data handling procedures. Geographic areas worked include Texas. Software proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, ArcView GIS, AutoCAD, Petra, SMT, Prima, and Landmark DCS Loader.

Geoscience Technician - TG560
Geoscience technician with 20 years of experience in various areas of geological and geophysical computer and support work. Skilled at generating synthetic seismograms, graphs and cross-sections, and loading all 2D and 3D seismic data. Proficient at creating daily backups and seismic models, and maintaining workstations, backup systems, and various printers. Experienced at transferring data between different systems and offices, and supporting geoscientists during different phases of their work.

Geoscience Technician - TG522
Geoscience Technician with 31 years of oil and gas industry experience working for small to mid-sized independents. Experienced in managing well files, creating wellbore diagrams, conducting offset well studies, digitizing well logs, creating structural and stratigraphic cross-sections, managing geological and geophysical data, film splicing, cataloging new data, and completing client requests. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in GeoGraphix, WellView, Petra, Neuralog, and WellEZ..

Geoscience Technician - TG874
GIS Analyst with 35 years of experience working for major operators, a large independent, service companies, city governments, and engineering consulting firms. Experience includes project management, mapping supervision, database management and development, cartography, national and international surveying, onshore and offshore pipeline design and mapping, GIS data processing and alignment sheet development, 3D modeling, directional drill design, crew training, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Geographic areas worked include Chad, Iraq, Ireland, offshore Mexico, and onshore and offshore US. Computer skills include NEW CENTURY, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Architectural Desktop, BlueSky, ESRI, CADWORX, Land Desktop, ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, ArcServer, ArcSDE, and ArcMap. Languages include fluent Spanish.

Geoscience Technician - TG858
Geoscience technician with a bachelor's degree in systems engineering and 12 years of experience in geoscience technology and database management. Experienced in geological database creation and administration and database modeling and tuning, with a strong ability to manage multiple projects. Software and hardware proficiency in AutoCAD, Map ArcGIS, Esri, SMT, Aries, PHDWin, MS Access, Oracle 9i Database Administration, and MySQL data warehouse.

Geoscience Technician - TG67
Geoscience technician with 15 years of experience in exploration, production, and computer support with a major oil company. Has earned 126 hours towards a bachelor's degree in geology. Extensive experience working with geologists using computer applications. Expertise in mainframe and Windows applications and in PC hardware. Highly knowledgeable in the areas of log interpretation, log digitizing, database creation and maintenance, and preparation of geological maps, cross sections, and log plots. Geographic areas worked include continental U.S., Gulf coast, and North Slope, Alaska. Computer skills include a high degree of expertise in Freelance Graphics and Microsoft Access and Word. Knowledge of Lotus 1-2-3, Statistical Analysis System (SAS), and UNIX operating system. Exposure to Landmark StratWorks, SeisWorks, and ZMAP.

Geoscience Technician - TG490
Geoscience Data Analyst with an associate's degree in biology and 30 years of oil and gas industry experience working for major and mid-sized oil and gas companies and service companies. Experienced in creating and managing databases, creating cross-sections, and generating computerized structure maps and montages. Software proficiency in Velocity Data Bank, Energy Graphics, MicroStation SE/J, ZEH Montage, GMA, UNIX, GeoGraphix, P/I Dwights, and OpenWorks, and Geolog.

Geoscience Technician - TG720
Junior Geologist/Geotechnician with a BS in Geology and 8 years experience in mapping, monitoring of well activity, drilling and completion, and data loading. Workstations include: ArcGIS/ArcView/ArcInfo, Openworks (Landmark), PI/Dwights, Oracle, WellView, GeoQuest, StratWorks, and UNIX. Computer skills include: Excel, Word Power Point, Sun and Apollo. Experience in Gulf of Mexico, deepwater and shelf. Bilingual-Spanish. Geographically flexible candidate, problem solver, proficient in research, who is eager to continue and further her career path in geology. You will find this candidate to have excellent verbal and written skills and has a very personable and professional attitude.

Geoscience Technician - TG842
Geoscience Technical Specialist with an associate's degree in geographical information systems and six years working for an operator. Experienced in populating, converting and extracting geospatial data, maintaining geodatabases, analyzing subsurface formations, gathering and mapping production data for analysis, and gathering digital log curves and directional surveys. Geographic areas worked include the Hugoton Basin and the Piceance Basin. Software proficiency in ESRI ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcInfo, GIS analysis, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Analysis.

Geoscience Technician - TG836
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree in geography and under one year of experience working for a service company. Experienced in data processing, 2D and 3D seismic data loading, data management, and 3-D imagery. Software proficiency in ArcGIS. Certified in GIS.

Geoscience Technician - TG744
Geoscience Technician with a master's degree and more than 20 years of oil and gas industry experience working for large independents and a major E&P company. Experienced in well data management including mapping and loading, digitizing logs and acreage, and supporting engineers, geoscientist and legal negotiations. Geographic areas include the Gulf of Mexico and the mid-continent region. Computer skills include Landmark OpenWorks, PETRA, SMT, GeoQuest, ArcView, Petrosys, and UNIX.

Geoscience Technician - TG546
Geoscience Technician with more than 30 years of experience working for major oil and gas producers, independents, and service companies. Experienced in data loading, mapping, well report inventory, log inventory, workflow development, data management, and technical writing. Additionally experienced in geoscience software testing, installation, upgrading, and teaching.. Software proficiencies in Landmark OpenWorks, SeisWorks, SMT, Petra, RECALL, GeoFrame, GeoQuest, Discovery, ArcView, ArcGIS, ESRI, PostStackPal, and OpenSpirit. Geographic experience includes Texas, Louisiana, shelf and deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, South America, and the South Caspian.

Geoscience Technician - TG273
Geoscience Technician holding a bachelor's degree in geology and over 35 years of experience in interpretation and regional studies. Worked with ArcView, AVO, GeoFrame, GeoGraphix, GeoQuest, Hampson-Russell, Landmark, Oracle and ArcGIS on well data, log data, seismic, moving information from data base to data base and from spreadsheets. Enjoys being a geotech and applications support. High work ethic and excellent attitude.

Geoscience Technician - TG850
Geoscience Technician with six years of experience working for an oil and gas E&P company. Experienced in providing geological support for both development and exploration teams in conventional and unconventional plays including data management, initiating projects, retrieving data, and producing various types of maps. Geographic areas worked include East and South Texas, and Louisiana. Software proficiency in Petra and knowledge of OpenWorks, SMT, and SmartSection.

Geoscience Technician - TG99
Geoscience technician with a Master's degree and 20 years of experience and a strong background as a minerals development geologist. Experienced in project reporting, preparing presentations, file management and database maintenance. Excellent in technical literature research, and skilled in well data loading. Computer skills include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Unix, Tigress Petrophysics, GeoGraphix, CorelDraw, Micrographix Flow Charter/ ABC Graphics Suite, Zeh Montage, LEXCO-OWL, WS FTP, and ArcView.

Geoscience Technician - TG688
Geoscience Technician with 11 years of experience working for large oil and gas companies. Experienced in data loading, troubleshooting, and creating maps and spreadsheets. Additionally experienced in generating digital base maps and montages, planimetering contours and faults, and digitizing maps and logs. Software proficiency in ArcGIS, GeoFrame, vi-Editor, OpenWorks, OpenExplorer, PetroWorks, SeisWorks, WOW, Z-Map, Geolog, Finder, NeuraLog, NeuraMap, NeuraSection, Petra, PLAT, PI Dwights, P2000, PhotoShop, and AutoCAD.

Geoscience Technician - TG699
Geosciences Technician with five years of industry experience working for midsize and small independent oil and gas companies. Experienced in mapping, digitizing contour maps to create planimeter reports, establishing and maintaining filing system for electronic and non-electronic data, and updating and maintaining well database. Additionally experienced in creating presentation materials, maintaining software updates, subscriptions, and licenses, and manipulating and reformatting data for import and export between projects. Software proficiency includes ArcGIS, SMT, NeuraLog, GeoGraphix, Petra, IHS, OWL, and ESA (GOM3).

Geoscience Technician - TG642
Geoscience Technician with eight years of solid experience working for two large oil and gas producing companies. Experienced in generating expenditure packages, well reports from scout tickets, importing formation tops, and production data, and creating structural and stratigraphic cross-sections. Additionally experienced in importing and exporting well, seismic and cultural data, adding and updating well locations, data conversion for loading directional surveys , and cleaning and managing well and seismic data base for multiple regions. Software proficiencies in PETRA, SMT, IHS, BlueView, GeoGraphix, Discovery, AutoCAD, ArcView, PI/ Dwights.

Geoscience Technician - TG711
Geotech with 20+ years working in the petroleum industry with expertise in mapping, web design, data implementation and staff management. Consequential accomplishments include an overall reduction in development time, reduction in costs as a result of digital conversion, and, as first line support, a reduction in down time. Efficiently trained and mentored new technologists along with coordinated computer support and exploration teams. The candidate possesses strong cartography skills. Among his project management achievements, on behalf of his employer, was the revision and publication of the Geological Map of Trinidad. This map, bearing his name, still hangs in the offices of the Trinidad Ministry. Goodwill relations between the company and the Ministry were a result of these efforts. Web based applications include LiveLink and Oracle Portal. Experienced in Z-MAP, Landmark, Microstation, ArcGIS, A2D, AutoCAD, Microsoft Suite, and SDI_Montage. Geographic projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Egypt, Norway and Trinidad.

Geoscience Technician - TG78
Geoscience technician with 17 years of experience working for major oil companies. Experienced in geological and geophysical procedures and terminology, seismic workstation support, and seismic processing. Highly experienced in many computer programs and languages including Landmark, spreadsheet programs, database programs, GeoQuest, VM/MVS, Windows, SQL, COBOL, FORTRAN, and UNIX.

Geoscience Technician - TG693
Geoscience Technician with over 25 years of experience working for large and mid-sized producing companies. Experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining company filing systems, data management, and creating archive systems for digital well log images. Software proficiency in SMT, Neurasection, Neuralog, UNIX, and SONRIS.

Geoscience Technician - TG501
Geoscience Technician with over 20 years of oil and gas industry experience working for major upstream and service companies. Experienced in seismic data processing, data loading, data organization, business process analysis, data analysis, first level user support, deployment and user training. Computer skills include Microsoft Suite, Landmark OpenWorks, GeoQuest and other stand-alone or network environments. Knowledge in SQL Server, DB2, Visual Basic, and UNIX/Solaris.

Geoscience Technician - TG212
Geoscience Technician with 30 years of experience working for major oil and gas companies. Experienced in geological and geophysical data management, project management, data research, and loading 3-D seismic data, tops, digital curves, and directional surveys. Additionally experienced in supervising and mentoring employees. Geographic experience includes the Gulf of Mexico shelf and the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coast. Software proficiency in Petra, Landmark OpenWorks, ArcGIS, Z-MAP, PI/Dwights, NeuraMap, and NeuraLog and proficiency in UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Geoscience Technician - TG817
Geoscience Technician with more than 35 years of experience working for majors and independents. Expert in drafting and graphical data management. Additionally experienced in providing support to geologists and geophysicists. Software proficiency in AutoCAD, CAD Microstation, OpenWorks, GeoGraphix Discovery, Petra, SMT, and HDS.

Geoscience Technician - TG726
Geologist with a bachelor's degree in geology and eight years of experience working for large independent oil and gas companies. Experienced in field studies; drafting and producing cross-sections, production maps, lease maps, isopach maps, and structural maps; correlating and annotating well logs; and loading data into velocity surveys, directional surveys, raster logs, and LAS logs. Additionally experienced in gathering well data, logs, scout tickets, and historical well files utilizing geological libraries and government offices. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico and the Permian Basin. Software proficiency in PETRA, GeoGraphix, Geolog, ArcGIS, CorelDRAW, Canvas, Larson CGM Studio, IHS Production Data, Lexco OWL, Photoshop, and UNIX system.

Geoscience Technician - TG258
Geophysical Technologist with a diversified background and proven experience in 2D Land, 2D & 3D marine seismic processing. 2D, 3D seismic data loading to Landmark systems, and GIS mapping support. Extensive knowledge in 2D, 3D SRME, noise attenuation, AVO, and bed thickness estimation. Experienced in GeoData, Promax, Zmap+, OpenWorks, SeisWorks, and Mapview. Versed in a variety of computer platforms, such as Landmark, Focus, ArcMap, MapInfo Professional, Petra and C-Map. Recognized as a team player who consistently excels in getting the job done.

Geoscience Technician - TG723
Geotech with Master's degrees in Statistic and Reservoir Engineering and 12 years experience in the petroleum industry. Background includes exploration, modeling, and seismic interpretation. Computer expertise in ArcView, Landmark VIP, Petrel, Aries, Sure, C++, Eclipse 100, RC2, TKS, SQL, Oracle and VBA. Experienced with geological and geophysical data loading, and software testing. Blue Marble Training. Geographical project history in Gulf of Mexico-shelf, Gulf Coast-Louisiana and Texas, and China. . Candidate is a Green card holder, legally authorized to work in US without sponsorship. Bilingual: Native Chinese/English. Seeking Houston based position.

Geoscience Technician - TG227
Sales professional with a bachelor's and master's degrees in geology and 20 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry in a variety of technical and sales roles. Experienced in selling, managing and consulting on software solutions to major oil and gas companies. Recognized as a Landmark integration expert and certified in all areas of SeisWorks. Additional software proficiencies in OpenWorks, StratWorks, Z-MAP Plus, Asset View, GeoProbe, EarthCude, OpenVision, Wellbore Planner, TDQ, DTE, Syn Tool, PostStack/PAL, and GeoGraphix Discovery. Knowledgeable in TOW/cs, DIMS, EDM, OpenWells, COMPASS, Review Reality, Fledermaus, MineSet, PetroWorks, EarthVision and Petrel.

Geoscience Technician - TG116
Geophysical and geological technician with 15 years of experience with producing and service companies. Experienced onshore and offshore, domestic, and international. Skilled in data collection and archiving, updating maps, cross-section construction, digitizing maps, contouring, and various other drafting functions. Proficient in the design and construction of montage layouts, show maps, brochures, and presentation slides. Also experienced in processing and analyzing primarily 2-D seismic data from raw data to final and migrated sections and in creating, compiling, and maintaining geoscience databases and libraries. Skilled in Microsoft Office, Lotus notes, Paradox, Canvas, GeoGraphix, UNIX, ArcView, and numerous in-house programs.

Geoscience Technician - TG567
Geologic technician with a Bachelor's Degree and 19 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with both small and major companies. Experienced in loading and retrieving well data, preparing graphic displays, log ordering, scout ticket retrieval, creating base maps, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and slide shows, ArcMap instruction, purchasing equipment and supplies, running and maintaining plotters, representing the company at IOSA scout meetings, and creating and populating Access databases. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Colombia, and onshore Louisiana. Computer skills include MS Office, Lexco, OOSA, and ArcMap.

Geoscience Technician - TG728
Geotech with a bachelor's degree in geology and 3 years domestic and international experience. Expertise in well logging with an emphasis in seismic data acquisition, processing systems, formation evaluation and lithological analysis and interpretation of well log data. Diverse experience includes geophysical data import/export and data loading, conversion of large volume geophysical data to user friendly format, management of geophysical planning in field acquisition, process sequencing to 2D and 3D seismic data, and creating and loading 2D/3D surveys. Computer proficiencies in UNIX, Thor Zamba and SMT Kingdom. Professional, detailed presentation with articulate verbal and written communication skills. Permanent US resident seeking Houston placement.

Geoscience Technician - TG708
Geoscience Technician with a bachelor's degree in physics and 16 years of experience in operations, database maintenance, well logs and training. Geographic areas of expertise include California, Indonesia, Brazil and Alaska. Workstation skills consist of Insight and Sonic Interpretation. Languages include Portuguese.

Geoscience Technician - TG455
Geoscience technician with a Bachelor's Degree and 15 years of industry experience displaying exceptional organizational, computer, and data management skills. Consistently recognized for computer competence, designing aptitude, and the ability to produce a high volume of quality work under short time constraints. Skilled at working independently or closely with professional staff to effectively manage datasets and generate professional geotechnical documents and displays. Geographic experience includes the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas. Computer skills include Landmark, Intellex, PI/Dwights, ArcGIS, CorelDraw, Canvas, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Illustrator, MS Office, C++, HTML/JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL/Oracle, UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh.

Geoscience Technician - TG649
Data manager with master's degree in electrical engineering and over 30 years of experience working for large oil companies and a service company. Expert in data managemen, including geographical, culture, Landsat, land and lease, well, and seismic data. Experienced in data conversion, reformating, loading, and clean up in various programs and platforms. Also experienced in developing systems for GIS and in utilities to manage directional surveys, land surveys, and in converting that information from one system to another. Computer skills are numerous, including UNIX, C++, ORACLE, SQLServer (including scripts), and Windows.

Geoscience Technician - TG499
Geoscience Technician with 30 years experience in well data loading and processing in offshore Gulf of Mexico, both shelf and deepwater. Both Landmark and OpenWorks experience. Described by references for doing an excellent job, very responsible, great at problem solving, knows how to get the job done and could always count on.

Geoscience Technician - TG114
Geoscience and drafting technician with over 18 years of experience with two major oil companies. Skilled in the use of UNIX and PC-based applications. Experienced in combining geotechnical and drafting experience, using state-of-the-art graphics to support exploration presentations. Proficient in using ZMap+, ZCap, SDI Montage, Sattlegger, Corel Draw, Island Graphics, Visio Technical, MS Office, MS Project, and scanning software.

Geoscience Technician - TG672
Sr. Geotech Support Specialist focusing on prospect generation (seismic and well data loading, well database management, mapping from grids, cross section creation, and final graphic solutions). Computer mapping and graphics expert producing high quality oil and gas mapping (GIS), presentation graphics, and artwork. Ability to interact with geoscientists, engineers, and management. Ability to communicate and understand instructions and requirements. Good organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple work assignments. Three years business management experience with area of expertise in the upstream geotechnical/graphics outsourcing field. High ethical and moral standards related to business conduct.

Geoscience Technician - TG687
Geoscience Technician with 24 years of solid experience in exploration and data management, specializing in geological and geophysical applications such as Geoframe, Lexco OWL, Petrolink, Intellex, ArcView, and SMT. A thorough understanding of cartographic/geodetic parameters for common Gulf of Mexico projection systems, as well as the ability to translate data between software. Experience in mapping and loading cultural data, velocity, tops, and directional surveys, as well as digital well curve data.

Geoscience Technician - TG263
Unix System Administrator with 22 years of systems experience, 12 of which where spent as geophysical technician in the oil and gas industry. Areas of expertise include Sun, HP Systems, installation of hardware, the jumpstarting and igniting OS on workstations, and providing all aspects of customer services

Geoscience Technician - TG250
Operations and technical manager with 15 years of domestic and international experience in operational, technical, personnel and project management. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, California, Alaska, west Africa, the far east, and the North Sea. Proficient in various computer programs including, MS Word, Lotus 1-2-3, ProComm, NADCON, GeoCalc, PW, and Mirror. Highly skilled in the use of Eagle, Diginav, Gridnav, and Magnavox Navigation. Familiar with HPUX, Spectra, RFMConfig, Excel, and Lotus Notes.

Geoscience Technician - TG534
Geoscience Technician with 27 years of experience and a BS in Computer Information Systems. Expertise in computer mapping, database maintenance, seismic data loading and scout ticket information. Knowledge of help desk support, network and workstation support, web authoring tools, project research, and project management. Workstation experience using GeoGraphix, Geoquest, Petra, Kingdom Suite, Discovery, Oracle, Sybase, SQL, and GIS.

Geoscience Technician - TG123
Geoscience and engineering technician with 18 years of experience working for two major oil and gas companies and for service companies. Highly experienced in providing technical support to geoscientists and engineers. Expert in database management. Highly skilled in loading and retrieving data in Landmark OpenWorks, generating maps, and creating cross sections using StratWorks, ZMap+, Geolog, Datavision, and Neuralog. Proficient in developing computer program applications to store and retrieve geoscience data. Experienced in reserve reporting and data research. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin, China, and the Gulf of Mexico. Computer skills also include Dwights/PI, GMA, SDI Montage, Arcview, Datalink, Petcom, MicroStation, Production Analyst, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, and UNIX.