Executives - M814
Executive with a track record of handling increasing management and engineering responsibilities, improving performance and profitability. Extensive hands on experience in production and drilling operations built on a solid technical foundation. Demonstrated leadership and decision-making abilities with proven results in business planning, raising production outputs, acquisitions, reserve determination, financial analysis and cost reduction programs that maximize bottom line profits.

Executives - M810
Proven senior executive, combining operational experience and financial skills with significant P&L responsibility. Known for growing bottom line through spearheading operational improvements, driving efficiencies and reducing costs. Successful track record of development of new business models and gaining agreement from corporate Board for execution. Extensive experience implementing strategic restructuring and leading teams including attracting and retaining top talent in challenging markets. Skilled M&A leader on both buy- and sell-side transactions. Demonstrated effective leadership through building and prioritizing strong corporate culture with clarity of business objectives, transparency, empowerment/accountability and continuous improvement. Successful in navigating the intricacies of global business with diverse cultures and international leadership.

Executives - M699
Senior Manager with a bachelor's degree in industrial technology and over 30 years of experience with large oil tool manufacturing companies. A proven leader in managing capital equipment manufacturing operations related to the oil and gas industry encompassing subsea, land, and down-hole tools. Experienced in efficient manufacturing of complete subsea BOP stacks and controls, valves, fishing tools, drilling jars, multiple lines of down-hole tools, seismic equipment, and drill motor power sections. Possesses a track record of successfully implementing Lean principles to optimize processes and systems throughout manufacturing organizations. Extensively experienced in manufacturing plant turnaround operations yielding increased profitability.

Executives - M622
Oil and Gas Executive with over 25 years of experience working in leading positions for large independent operators. Geographical focus includes the onshore U.S and the Gulf of Mexico. Most recently founded a successful oil and gas company proving the ability to raise private capital from different sources and assembling a growth oriented management team. Steered the company with a strategic focus on exploration and acquisition. Developed, implemented, and managed a disciplined business model, securing a generous rate of return to the private investors. After the successful sale of the first company for more than $200 million, this professional subsequently created a second incarnation of the company by raising an additional $100 plus million in capital. This excellent candidate is looking for a management opportunity in a large company to apply his proven business building skills.

Executives - M706
Reservoir and production engineering executive and licensed professional engineer with 30 years of diversified experience with large and small independents. Demonstrated increasing responsibility working in production and reservoir in management capacities including nine years in a vice-presidential role as an effective leader and motivator. Experienced in economic evaluation, acquisition and divestiture, business development, and corporate reserves/SEC compliance including interfacing with banks and private equity. Also experienced in hands on work in field studies/exploitation, especially log interpretation, pressure transient testing, and nodal analysis. Completion and workover expertise includes stimulation, field operations, DST design, wellsite supervision, and artificial lift. Geographic experience includes the offshore Gulf of Mexico, offshore California, east Texas, south Texas, west Texas. Louisiana, Mississippi, the mid-continent, Rocky Mountains, overthrust belt, Williston basin, and various international projects.

Executives - M687
Executive with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and over 30 years of experience with a single-family-owned group of oil and gas operating and service companies in Texas. Experienced in production and reservoir engineering through executive management of both the operating and service sector companies. Also experienced in prospect development, prospect screening, prospect trades, regulatory issues, drilling, completion, production, facilities, reserves, reservoir, geology, A&D, marketing, and leasing. A seasoned executive with a comprehensive understanding of how an oil and gas exploration company functions and prospers.

Executives - M692
Financial executive, CFO, and CPA with a bachelor's degree in accounting and information technology and 34 years of experience working for a small, independent operator and as an independent financial consultant. Executive experience in finance, accounting, corporate administration, and information technology operations, including business development, revenue growth, capital raising, business financing, crisis management, investor relations and negotiations, investment banking, auditing, financial reporting, tax returns, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset accounting, capital budgets, variance accounting, cost accounting, joint interest accounting, revenue distribution, and regulatory reporting.

Executives - M37
Petroleum Engineer with a Bachelor's degree and over 30 years experience in upstream oil and gas exploration, production operations, and acquisitions. A seasoned professional with broad operations and technical expertise. Excellent communication and management skills complementing a strong leadership background. Career experience includes domestic onshore, offshore, and international sectors, working in a wide variety of environments to include independents, majors, and privately held companies.

Executives - M705
Licensed Petroleum Engineer and Executive with a master's degree in finance and 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for a major E&P company and independents. Proven success adding value through acquisitions, development, and operations and in developing and leading multidisciplinary teams engaged in complex asset and corporate evaluations. Expert knowledge of petroleum economics, energy finance, reserves reporting, and data management. Experienced in onshore conventional and unconventional plays in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana and in the offshore Texas Gulf coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Extensive network of industry contacts in upstream A&D, banking, and operations. Software proficiency in ARIES, PHDWin, and Microsoft Excel.

Executives - M643
Energy executive with a master's degree in geology, an MBA, and extensive leadership, management, technical, and operations experience with a major oil company, independents, and a service company. Specialist in strategic planning and analysis, field optimization, acquisition and divestment, and organizational development. Has a demonstrated successful track record in asset management, business development, and economic evaluations to plan and execute budgets, work with capital markets, and guide service companies. Experienced with a large network of operators, bankers, and brokers and in exploration and development of unconventional and conventional reservoirs, including the use of 3-D seismic, and waterflood management throughout the lower 48.

Executives - M777
Exploration Manager and Geologist with a Ph.D. in geology and 21 years of experience working for major operators and as an independent consultant. Managerial experience includes portfolio and risk management, strategic planning, new ventures, asset valuation, play-based regional analysis, onshore and offshore assets, exploration project management, team development, joint venture and regulatory interface, stakeholder management, farm-downs, cross value-chain collaboration, drilling oversight, post-well analysis, technical peer assists, and technical assurance. Additional experience includes geotechnical guidance, basin modeling, migration analysis, thermal modeling, fluid flow, capillary seals, kinematic structural analysis, 2D structural restoration, 3D visualization, Earth model construction, fault-seal analysis, structural trap integrity, petroleum geochemistry, petroleum systems analysis, and GIS workflows. Geographic areas worked include Algeria, the South Atlantic, deepwater Angola, Brazil, offshore California, Colombia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, the Gulf of Mexico, India, Malaysia, the North Sea, Peru, Sri Lanka, southeast Asia, South America, and offshore Trinidad.

Executives - M683
Executive and geologist with bachelor's and master's degrees in geology as well as 39 years of experience working for a major operator, large and small independent operators, and a service company. Executive experience in exploration and geoscience functions, including exploration play fairway analysis, prospect generation, geoscience technology, seismic acquisition and processing, seismic attributes and rock properties, geologic well site operations, coring, logging, geocomputing hardware, software and databases, and geoscience training and recruitment. Managerial experience of energy exploration programs includes acquisitions, prospect inventory and development, and drilling. Additional managerial experience includes asset development and operations, multi-disciplinary technical teams, negotiation, and subsurface evaluations as well astraining geoscience managers in business and economic development. Bibliography includes nine technical publications.

Executives - M553
Reservoir Engineering Manager with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and over 30 years of progressive experience in the oil and gas industry working for mid-sized to large operators. Experienced in assembling and leading high-performance, multi-disciplinary technical teams, developing business opportunities, overseeing asset acquisitions, estimating annual reserves, and generating exploration prospects. Additionally experienced in field development, reserves evaluation, and field studies. Geographic areas worked include the Texas Gulf coast, south Louisiana, the Permian Basin, and the Arkoma basin. Software proficiency in ARIES, PHDWin, PEEP, Petra, Rose Risk Analysis, Geographix (PRIZM), HIS Power Tools, and SMT.

Executives - M603
Executive Manager with a bachelor's degree in finance, an executive MBA, and over 10 years of leadership experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in business development and risk management with projects ranging from $100M to $100MM. Additionally experienced in cash flow projections, valuation forecasting, financial and economic analysis of oil and gas development projects and investments, departmental management and mentoring. Software proficiency in PHDWin and OGSYS.

Executives - M694
Executive, manager, and registered professional engineer with an MBA, a bachelor's degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering, and 32 years of experience working for a pipeline company, a major operator, a small independent operator, and as the founder and president of an engineering consulting firm. Executive experience includes business process optimization, operations, turnaround, interim management, and project and operational management for E&P and midstream companies. Managerial experience includes creating and leading multi-disciplinary technical teams, prospect analysis, acquisition and divestiture analysis, seismic projects, exploration, completion, community relations, office expansion, drilling, production, permitting, marketing, budgeting, and profits and loss. Additional experience in business technology consulting, asset management, technology selection, technical support, and training.

Executives - M691
Senior Reserves and Business Development Manager with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 30 years of experience with a major and independents. Experienced in acquisitions and divestments, financial and business development, improving business performance through innovative means, raising debt, and managing joint ventures. Also experienced in managing development teams and corporate staffs and in reserves and planning management, including managing SEC reserve preparation. Dedicated to high performance and exceeding expectations, having successfully marketed $15 billion in assets. Geographic experience includes onshore USA lower 48 and Alaska.

Executives - M731
Business Executive and proven commercial leader with a bachelor's degree in business administration and an MBA with over 25 years of experience with large independents, an investment bank, and as a consultant. Proven track record of delivering strong results, leading teams, and building positive relationships with both internal and external key stakeholders. Demonstrated ability developing high-level business strategies and detailed project plans as well as leading execution of commercial ventures. Provides advisory services to upstream oil and gas clients with primary focus on acquisition and divestiture projects and overall strategy and portfolio composition. Dedicated principal engagement with the ability to focus efforts on opportunities that require creative solutions and smaller initiatives that typically fall outside of major advisory engagement guidelines. Geographic expertise incudes the onshore United States, the Gulf of Mexico, and a number of African countries.

Executives - M686
Manager and geologist with master's and bachelor's degrees in geological sciences and 33 years of experience working for small and large independent operators. Managerial experience in geotechnical assessment using conventional cores, geochemistry, and sequence stratigraphy in additioin to 3D seismic. Additional experience in integrated depositional modeling, regional studies, software research, integrated system modeling, algorithm generation for 3D seismic analysis, supervision of multi-disciplinary technical teams, geologic well operations, coordination with international oil company partners, and supervision of international staff. Bibliography includes three technical publications. Geographical areas worked include Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, the Powder River basin, China, and West Africa. Software proficiencies include Petra, SMT, GeoQuest, Zetaware, RokDoc.

Executives - M715
Senior executive with a PhD in chemical engineering and over 25 years of experience with a major oil company and in the service sector. A profit-driven leader within the global market with extensive experience in P&L, operations, sales and marketing, and troubleshooting performance. Skilled in developing and executing growth strategies, supply chain management, and leading cultural change to improve competitive advantage. Track record of developing executive teams, growing a start-up technology company, and aligning employees around organizational goals. Experienced in pipelines, downhole tools, expandable tubulars, and geomechanics testing and analysis. Experienced in technical management, new product development, and global business development in locations worldwide.

Executives - M677
Executive with an MBA and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering as well as 37 years of experience working for a chemical company, an energy company, and a small, independent operator. Executive experience includes full profit and loss business unit responsibilities for multiple domestic and international petrochemical and chemical manufacturing facilities as well as full profit and loss and capital responsibilities for multiple biodiesel and ethanol facilities, including site selection, permits, design, procurement, construction, start up, staffing, operator training, administration, QHSSE, and operational oversight. Additional executive experience in supply chain logistics, business development, technology selection, and acquisitions. Managerial experience includes direct management of multiple pipelines and terminals in domestic and international facilities.

Executives - M684
Executive with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and over 30 years of oil and gas industry experience working for mid-sized to large independents and service companies. Experienced in operations and management, assembling and leading high performance multi-disciplinary technical teams, and generating returns on E&P investments. Additionally experienced in drilling and completing horizontal wells, constructing gas gathering and lift gas pipelines, and P&L responsibility. Have served at the vice-president and senior and executive vice-president levels at a publicly traded company. Geographic areas worked include the onshore Gulf coast, ArkLaTex, Mid-Continent, Rockies, and the west coast.

Executives - M594
Production Operations Engineer with a bachelor's degree in economics and over 35 years of experience working for a major operator and as a consultant. Expert in operations management and optimization. Experienced in incident response and crisis management, project management, operating procedure development and implementation, audit preparation and facilitation, leadership evaluation and assessment, and facility and equipment engineering. Geographic areas worked include the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Colorado. Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado.

Executives - M708
Energy Executive and licensed engineer with a PhD in business and over 40 years of extensive and diverse international and domestic experience with a major oil company, large independents, and as a consultant. Gained experience in progressively more responsible positions, and is and is proven in creative problem-solving with a strong track record of value creation. Successfully turned around an international operating subsidiary, a domestic producing subsidiary, and a multi-national oil investment company. Expert in M&A in the upstream arena and in financing and operations of smaller companies. Highly experienced in financing, acquisition, operation, and divestment of upstream assets. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin, Anadarko basin, most of the domestic United States including the Gulf of Mexico, and Nigeria.

Executives - M704
Senior manager and advisor with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and over 35 years of experience with two major oil companies. A results-oriented individual with progressively increasing responsibilities in reserves and asset management with extensive technical applications experience in Alaska, Australia, California, Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Rocky Mountains, and the mid-continent. Served as a senior projects advisor to management and led efforts to develop and implement more efficient and effective work processes and to recommend optimization opportunities. Major strengths demonstrated in leadership, business management, and technical skills applications. Effective communicator with a proven record of setting and achieving challenging goals, aligning and motivating employees, building effective teams, and solving problems.

Executives - M702
Executive and practicing engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and more than 35 years of experience working for major and independent oil and gas companies. Change agent skilled at using benchmarking, best practices, and technology to improve organizational processes. Excellent analytical, interpersonal, and cross-cultural communication skills. Experienced in new ventures, business development, asset management, operations turnaround, project management, strategic planning, and staff development. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin, Barnett shale, east Texas, south Texas, the Denver basin, Latin America, and South Africa. Software proficiency in ARIES and PHDWin. Language fluency in English and Spanish.

Executives - M696
Manager and petroleum engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 33 years of experience working for a large independent operator, a small independent operator, and a service company. Managerial experience in operations, including strategic planning, operations optimization, completion, workover and drilling projects, prospect evaluation, analysis of cash flow and reserves, database creation and maintenance, reservoir engineering, operations engineering, infrastructure engineering, drilling and completion engineering, and public speaking and instruction. Geographic areas worked include the Barnett Shale and Texas. Computer skills include ExcelMICA, OGRE, and a wide range of reservoir engineering software programs. Specialist in Texas assets.

Executives - M591
Chief Financial Officer with a master's degree in business administration, a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, and 32 years of industry experience working for midsize and small oil and gas companies. Experienced in seeking, discovering, evaluating, and assimilating assets in order to maximize value. Experienced in marketing, due diligence, and assessment and negotiations for acquisitions, divestitures, budget forecasting, analysis, and business planning for annual operating budget.

Executives - M630
Executive with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering technology and 34 years of experience working for mid-sized to large operators. Expert in A&D with the ability to identify, capture, and evaluate new business opportunities to grow a company's business through tactical and strategic acquisitions and to make timely divestitures of non-core properties. Experienced in managing company valuations for mergers, identifying acquisitions and managing the evaluation team, creating acquisition proposals for senior management, managing divestments, and managing domestic and international oil and gas assets. Geographic areas worked include the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Far East. Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Louisiana.

Executives - M542
Process engineer with Bachelors degree and 25 years of experience in the petrochemical and power industries. Experienced at project development, consulting, and project management. Skilled at strategic planning, process design, safety management, feasibility studies, and new technology implementation. Geographic experience includes the United States, Latin America (Brazil), and the Caribbean. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Executives - M689
Business Development Manager with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 34 years of experience with independents and a service company. Experienced in identifying and capturing market opportunities to accelerate expansion, increase revenues, and improve profit contributions by cultivating and securing new business, developing business relationships, and opening new markets. Known as an excellent communicator and presenter. Also experienced in EOR projects globally and as a SME in EOR technology. Advised and mentored other business development managers and authored white papers to present at technical committees and conferences. Geographic experience includes North America, South America, and the Middle East.

Executives - M688
Executive with an MBA and a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, as well as over 40 years of experience working for small, independent operators, a large independent, a major operator, an investment bank, and a service company. Executive operational experience in exploration and production, prospect development, development drilling, acquisitions, reorganization, prospect inventory evaluation, negotiation, reserves management and reporting functions, economic evaluations, and exploitation. Executive investment banking experience includes creating and marketing public investment programs for exploration, development and acquisitions as well as management of raised funds. Executive service company experience in domestic and international engineering, geological, laboratory, and computer services. Additional experience in well logging, completion, workover, abandonment, well surveillance, field development studies and field optimization. Geographical areas worked include the Gulf coast, the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, the mid-continent, Mississippi, Oklahoma, the Permian Basin, and Texas.

Executives - M662
Business Development Manager with an MBA in finance and more than 20 years of experience working for a major and an independent operator, and several investment banks. Experienced in investments, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, relationship management, strategic marketing, divestitures, energy banking, portfolio management, due diligence, new business development, risk management, and credit quality management. Maintains an extensive network of upstream and midstream contacts in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Executives - M667
Engineering Executive with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and more than 30 years of experience working for small to large service companies and as a consultant. Has held positions of responsibility at various levels including Asset Manager, Reliability Manager, and Vice President Manufacturing and Technology. Experienced in manufacturing, engineering, and operations management; mechanical design, project management, reliability analysis and improvement, HSE program implementation, oil well drilling operations, and product data management system implementation.

Executives - M615
Executive with a bachelor of arts degree and 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for a privately held oil and gas E&P company and an engineering consulting firm. Experienced as the manager of strategy and business development, managing marketing, overseeing all aspects of asset acquisition and divestiture, leading staff, generating annual budgets, and directing infrastructure capital investment. Activities include sourcing deals, engaging investment bankers, negotiating and managing confidentiality agreements, participating in data-room presentations, generating, evaluating and negotiating purchase prices and terms and conditions of purchase and sale agreements, overseeing technical, title and environmental due diligence and closing transactions.

Executives - M675
Executive, manager, and petroleum engineer with a PhD, master's degree, and bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering as well as 37 years of experience working for major operators, large independent operators, service companies, in academia, and as in independent consultant. Executive experience includes global responsibility for business development, business delivery, and team leadership of surface and production systems, consulting, research and development, software development, training, and market growth. Managerial experience includes mutli-disciplinary team leadership, production technology, formation integrity, integrated system modeling and optimization, well management, and knowledge management. Additional experience in production optimization software modeling, marketing, drilling and flow modeling and simulation, reserve studies, technical support, teaching collegiate and professional level courses, and production operations. Bibliography includes 15 technical publications on production and drilling. Geographic areas worked include Brazil, Japan, southeast Asia, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, and the US.

Executives - M674
Executive, manager, and engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and 36 years of experience working for a major, a large, independent operator, energy companies, a chemical company, and as the owner of an energy industry consulting company. Executive experience includes management of a wind turbine fleet, reorganization of wind turbine field operations and control center, engineer and procurement personnel management, construction and operations project evaluation, EPC of an international power plant and accompanying operations and residential facilities, and acquisitions operations and negotiation. Also experienced in engineering, project controls, capital value process, change orders, business development, sales, technical services, project contracting, a gas turbine fleet, quality assurance, and maintenance. Additional experience in marketing plan development, unit supervision, environmental compliance, and plant design and operation. Geographic areas worked include Texas, New York, New England, offshore Alaska, California, London, Panama, and Brazil.

Executives - M673
Director and manager with a bachelor's degree in business administration and 33 years of experience working for a service company. Directorial experience includes expansion of sales and marketing reporting from regional to global, senior level management training, technology acquisition, implementation of an Asia subsea EPC delivery hub, standardization of services operating model, expansion into West Africa market, customer acquisition and value stream strategies, North Sea sector turnaround, sales operations, execution operations, customer service operations, supplier consolidation, and building a business backlog. Managerial experience includes product line engineering, delivery, and field commissioning as well as building a Western US customer base and sales of deepwater technologies. Geographic areas worked include Africa Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Singapore, South America, the UK, and the US.

Executives - M484
Management professional with a bachelor's in petroleum engineering and 40 years of progressive oil and gas industry and management experience. Areas of expertise include company startup and development, oil and gas operations and development, reserve growth, oil and gas exploration and exploitation, international business management, relationship management, strategic planning and execution, production enhancement, contract strategy and negotiations, financial management, investment consulting and production turnaround. As p president of an exploitation company focused upon applying the latest technology in oil and gas property and asset development focusing on south and west Texas utilizing 3D technology to identify and develop reserves in known productive areas. Also served as the strategic management consultant responsible for bottom line business improvement development and execution to marquee clients in the oil gas producing and service industry.

Executives - M671
Executive and project manager with bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering and 38 years of experience working for EPC companies, a chemical company, and a manufacturing firm. Experience includes project management, information technology, project controls, preliminary engineering, basic engineering packaging development, design, construction, cost estimation, schedule controls, environmental compliance, safety performance, project assessments, financial reviews, risk management, recovery planning, management training, Federal Infrastructure Construction, contract negotiation and administration, regulatory agency negotiation, strategic sourcing, front end engineering design, and commercialization of new technologies. Managerial experience includes regional office creation, negotiation of execution plans and technical designs, re-engineering work processes, facilities management, restructuring of staff and facilities selection of contractors, equipment inspections, procurement and construction permitting, facilities consolidation, laboratory upgrades, product expansion, and international technology licensing. Additional experience in process pilot lines and transfer of processes from research and development to semi-production quantities.

Executives - M669
Executive, manager, and engineer with a bachelor's degree in marine engineering and 39 years of experience working for service companies and the US Navy. Executive experience includes launching new business units, sales management, process safety, risk and asset management, plant startup services, performance improvement, maintenance reliability, operations and maintenance training, budgeting, recruiting, office infrastructure, and technology implementation. Also experienced in project management and technical training development.

Executives - M664
Executive, manager, and engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and 32 years of experience working for manufacturing companies and as an independent manufacturing consultant. Subject matter expert in the design, manufacture, and certification of subsea and downhole products for the oil industry. Experience includes supplier negotiation, training and standardization initiatives, production planning and sequencing, purchasing, design, development, marketing and implementation of demand flow software, development of “For Sale” strategies, spearheading lean manufacturing techniques, rationalization of strategic plans and engineering/capital projects, product launching, and establishment of international plant operations. Additional experience in compliance, audit representation, and warehouse organization.

Executives - M666
Executive, electrical engineer, and project manager with bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering, chemistry, and zoology, an MBA, and 35 years of experience working for EPC service companies and a chemical manufacturing firm. Experience includes project restructuring, engineering and procurement execution plans, IPA best practices compliance, business development, and computer training. Also experienced in equipment installation, third party contracts, environmental upgrades, technology selection, equipment procurement, budget analysis, schedule evaluations, load flow and fault study calculations, specifications development, substation, power distribution equipment, and underground cable design, and field inspection.

Executives - M105
Financial Professional with an MBA in finance and 34 years of experience working for U.S. and international operators and service companies. Experienced in SEC reporting, audits, SOX controls, budgeting, developing and implementing financial controls and processes, tax analysis and reporting, treasury, risk analysis, negotiations, administration, and project control. Software proficiency in SAP. Language fluency in English and Russian.

Executives - M660
Senior Executive and geophysicist with over 40 years of experience working for seismic service companies including management of a microseismic startup. Experienced in data processing, including technical and project quality control, profit and loss, sales, worldwide operations and hardware management, research and development, quality assurance, negotiation, and data and technology acquisition. Additional experience in troubleshooting seismic wave and data processing operations, land processing management, technology transfer, geophysical analysis, and training. Also wrote and programmed an attribute compression diagnostic program and holds a US patent for a Seismic Noise Suppression Method. Geographic areas worked include Houston, Denver, Brazil, Perth, Jakarta, Sakhalin, Mumbai, and vessel-based seismic processing operations.

Executives - M658
Executive and geologist/geophysicist with an MBA, a bachelor's degree in geophysical science and 37 years of experience working for a major, an investment firm, and independent operators. Executive experience includes building and managing an industry-leading oil and gas exploration team and an integrated exploration, production and land team, as well as the financing, startup and management of an exploration and production company. Additional experience in mergers and acquisitions, technical and financial project evaluation, worldwide asset management, marketing, geological and resource studies, negotiations, due diligence, technology acquisition, and exploration strategy. Technical experience includes prospect generation and evaluation, including basin modeling, play definition, seismic acquisition, prospect development, and wellsite and development geology. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Haynesville Shale, the Duvernay Shale, the Gulf of Mexico, Montana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Russia, southeast Asia, Louisiana, Texas, the Mississippi Salt basin, and the Michigan basin. Computer skills include Petra, SMT, and PHDWin.

Executives - M579
Land Manager with a bachelor's degree in petroleum land management and 30 years of industry experience working for a major exploration and production company. Experienced in contracts, negotiations, joint venture agreements, and building, managing, and sustaining the land department of the North American region. Additionally, experienced in value assurance, global commercial disciplines, and strategy development and competitor intelligence. Geographic areas worked include onshore and offshore USA.

Executives - M9
Exceptional results oriented senior engineering management professional with a Bachelor's degree and more than 23 years of experience in production, operations, and drilling. A registered professional engineer who has extensive capital and operations budgeting experience. Strong analytical, creative and innovative engineering skills demonstrated by continual success in developing and implementing technical solutions to achieve significant production improvements from under-performing assets. Outstanding interpersonal and public relations abilities evidenced by success in managing employees and dealing with investors, vendors and regulatory authorities. Additional skills include: Governmental Relations, Start-up Operations, Negotiations, Employee Motivation, Sales and Marketing, Futures Hedging, Market Analysis, Business Restructuring, Cost Containment. Computer skills include Microsoft Office, PowerTools Economic Modeling and Reservoir Projection software.

Executives - M19
Petroleum engineer with a bachelor's degree and 25 years of diverse experience in reservoir analysis and field operations for a major company as well as independents and consulting firms. Experienced in evaluations for property acquisitions and dispositions, with a practical working knowledge in most major basins in the U.S. Expert in the Mid- continent and Gulf coast regions. Strongly skilled in waterflood operations and evaluations. Efficient in numerous computer programs including OGRE and ARIES.

Executives - M460
Reservoir Engineer with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 30 years of upstream oil and gas experience working for mid-sized and large independents. Experienced in asset management, business development, acquisition analysis, reserves valuation, field development, reservoir studies, personnel management, and budget planning. Geographic areas worked include north Texas, west Texas, California, New Mexico, the Middle East, the Norwegian Sea, and the Persian Gulf. Computer skills include Microsoft Office and ARIES. Registered professional engineer in California.

Executives - M645
Vice President Construction Operations with a master's degree in management and 29 years of experience working for engineering services and construction firms. Experienced in project management, construction management, strategic planning, corporate administration, and business development. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Ireland.

Executives - M587
Executive with a master's degree in business administration, a bachelor's degree in geological sciences, and 35 years of experience with major and large independent companies in the oil and gas industry. Expert in generating and evaluating exploration prospects, development projects and acquisition candidates. Experienced in leading operations and inter-disciplinary teams of geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers and technicians. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater, and onshore in the U.S. gulf coast.

Executives - M600
Geoscience Manager with a master's degree in geology, an MBA, and 35 years of experience working for a major oil and gas company. Expert in planning and executing exploration, technology, and resource programs. Additionally experienced in managing exploration, development, technology, and commercial projects; managing exploration and gas production teams, and managing regional offices' subsurface, LNG, technology sharing programs, and talent management and deployment. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Colorado, Canada, Egypt, Scotland, Russia, and Australia. Language fluency in French.

Executives - M110
Director with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, and over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in operations (onshore and offshore), reservoir (project economics, field studies, reserve estimation, lease sales), production, completion projects, strategic planning (scenario planning, portfolio optimization, capital allocation), organization design, and corporate investor relations. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Permian basin, and California.

Executives - M445
Senior Manager with over 25 years of experience working in leading positions for two major international oil and gas companies. Most recently held a critical corporate level position overseeing and assuring safe and sustainable development of major new projects. Served as the main point of contact and person in charge to manage and assure responsible community relationships and assurance of adherence to regulatory policies. Point person for public outreach programs for the entire corporation. Previously this fantastic professional with a background in petroleum engineering held a number of positions by leading multi-functional teams in successfully developing U.S. domestic and international exploration and development projects with extensive experience in field engineering and operations management. Managed annual capital budgets of over $400 million. Responsible to personally brief Chairman on status of world-class project developments.

Executives - M474
Executive with a Master Mariner degree and more than 30 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas offshore engineering, design and production industries. Experience includes acquisition and corporate sponsorship of large, world class EPIC companies and projects, and the supervision of all related commercial negotiations. Areas of expertise include design and project construction and operations management gained from working on projects in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Africa, South America and New Zealand. Experience includes interaction with corporate senior management and boards of directors, financial reporting, development of global and regional corporate planning and roll out of strategy, management of CAPEX and OPEX cycle of oil and gas upstream developments, project management and corporate project sponsorship, commercial management responsible for sales and proposals, business development, facilitation of strategic objectives and long-term value chain, identifying and selecting corporate technologies, and creating business models that deliver corporate pull through, financial management with performance contracts. Additional experience includes hands-on expertise in sub-sea, pipeline, marine construction, shipping, drilling and floating production, expertise in delivering corporate initiatives for regions such as Gulf of Mexico, West Africa & the North Sea. Language skills include English, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Executives - M303
Senior Executive with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and five years of experience as President of a midsize E&P company with activity in the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountain region. Full EBITDA responsibility with annual capital budgets ranging from $75 to $100 million. Actively oversaw a high-tech approach to exploration and production, participating in successful oil and gas finds. Introduced personally formalized processes for field studies, reservoir management, legal strategies, self-audits, and employee EBITDA initiatives. High energy professional with inspirational leadership style and proven coaching abilities.

Executives - M584
Energy Investment Banking Professional with a master of science degree in geophysics, a master of business administration degree and over 20 years of domestic and international technical, financial, and transactional experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in project management for divestment, merger, and joint venture projects with a total transaction value of nearly $7 billion. Demonstrated strengths in E&P operations, business development, finance, and economics. Experienced in leading multi-disciplinary teams of engineering, geoscience, and investment banking professionals, directing the creation of marketing materials including information memoranda, management presentations, virtual data rooms and teasers; planning, organizing and directing physical data room presentations to potential counterparties; advising and assisting clients in negotiation of confidentiality agreements, joint venture agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and facilitating clients' due diligence and closing processes. Strongly experienced in financial and economic analysis, supporting capital budgeting, portfolio analysis, and strategic planning processes for E&P companies. Also experienced for ten years as a senior geophysicist and economic analyst for a major E&P company, planning and executing exploration processes, economic and financial modeling, and analysis of exploration and development projects, and working with exploration teams defining new prospects and new play concepts. Regional experience includes Canada, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Executives - M233
Petroleum engineer and manager with a Bachelor's degree and 27 years of domestic and international experience in reservoir, production, and drilling projects. Skilled in reservoir simulation, reserve estimation, field studies, portfolio and project economics, field development, gas-lift design and operations, and production log analysis. Experienced with well intervention techniques of coil tubing, snubbing and wireline. Geographic areas worked include south Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Sea. Proficient in various computer programs including Microsoft Office and Lotus 1-2-3. Familiar with a variety of economics and nodal analysis programs.

Executives - M515
Geophysicist with a master's degree in geophysics and a bachelor's degree in geology with 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for major E&P and independent energy companies. Expert in geophysical 3-D integrated interpretation, seismic sequence stratigraphy, and exploration data management. Additionally experienced in geoscience data analysis, reservoir evaluation, depth conversion, and petrophysical analysis. Geographic areas worked include Alabama, east and west Texas, Louisiana, Utah, the Gulf of Mexico, the Permian Basin, and the Middle East.

Executives - M375
Upstream executive with a Bachelors Degree in Science and 25 years of experience covering all aspects of the upstream oil and gas business, including 12 years working in international applications. Highly skilled with a strong technical background in production and reservoir engineering, project development, and economic analysis combined with a business-oriented approach. Able to envision future producing operations and then acquire, explore, appraise, and develop accordingly. Experienced in the U.S. mid-continent and the Rocky Mountains in all aspects of production, reservoir and drilling engineering, reserves, sales and acquisitions, and operations.

Executives - M13
Oil and Gas manager with a Master's degree, and 20 years of domestic and international project experience, including pipeline, plant and facilities construction, operations, planning and business development. Skilled in economic and technical feasibility analyses and investment performance measurement. Superior in analytical methods and communication. Areas worked include Texas, Alaska, Czechoslovakia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Venezuela.