Drilling Operations Professional - DO499
Drilling Engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and 18 years of experience with one major service company. Experienced in project coordination, well testing, perforating, completions, and facilitating overall drilling program execution. Geographic areas worked include the shelf and deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in Microsoft Office programs. Certifications include IADC Well Control for Supervisors.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO560
Drilling, Completions, and Production Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 15 years of experience working for a major operator, small independents, and service companies. Managerial experience includes exploratory drilling, vertical and horizontal drilling operations, completions, production operations, workovers, remediation, and consultant management. Additional experience includes reserves, economics, forecasts, AFEs, variance reports, permitting, regulatory compliance, behind pipe prospecting, CO2 field development, pipeline and compression facilities, wellbore utility studies, production optimization, high pressure and temperature completions, artificial lift, failure studies, compression optimization, SWD modification, asset development, production reporting systems, technology upgrades and rollouts, and training of engineers, technicians, foremen, and managers. Geographic areas worked include the Barnett Shale, the Gulf coast, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, the Permian Basin, east Texas, west Texas, offshore Texas, and Wyoming. Computer skills include FieldDirect, PowerTools, PERFORM, ARIES, Enerdeq, XSPOC, XROD, WellView, and WellEz.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO522
Senior drilling and completions rig supervisor with over 30 years of experience with a large service company, major oil company, and several independents. Experienced running offshore rigs including jackups and various kinds of floaters. Experienced also in installation management including safety and permitting, having advanced from service as a roustabout through toolpusher then to rig supervisor. Geographic areas worked are all offshore, including the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater, Angola, Brazil, the North Sea, and Brunei.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO403
Drilling Operations Engineer with 29 years of oil and gas experience working for engineering consulting firms and service companies. Experienced in well site supervision, drilling operations, cost control, government compliance, bid creation, offshore drillling, workovers, and plug and abandonment operations. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf coast, Texas, California, and Mexico.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO376
Drilling Superintendent with two bachelors' degrees in civil engineering and environmental geology and more than 30 years of experience working for majors and large service companies. Expert in wellsite management of land rigs, inland barges, and platform rigs. Also experienced in under balanced and managed pressure drilling operations, horizontal lateral drilling, and hydraulic fracture stimulation. Geographic areas worked include the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, offshore Gulf coast, the Rockies, and the Middle East. Certifications include a valid IADC accredited well control certification.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO392
Drilling Operations Professional with an associate's degree in geology and 30 years of oil and gas industry experience working for large independents. Experienced in management, directional drilling of horizontal wells, air drilling, electric log determination, planning target control, and contract analysis. Geographic areas worked include Spain, Kenya, French Guyana, Greece, Algeria, Libya, the United States, Croatia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and South America. Language fluency in Italian, English, Spanish, and German.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO496
Drilling Superintendent with a bachelor's degree in petroleum technology and more than 30 years of experience working for large operators and independents. Experienced in drilling management, well design, cost estimates, rig selection, and overseeing day-to-day execution of developmental, exploratory, and remedial operations. Additionally experienced in the following rig types: semisubmersibles, independent jack-up rigs, deepwater TLP and SPAR floating production platforms, conventional shelf platforms, and land rigs. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas. Software proficiency in Landmark Well Plan. Language fluency in English.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO492
Drilling Engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and more than 40 years of experience working for major operators and as an independent consultant. Experienced in high angle directional drilling and completion to include detection of geopressure formations, implementation of well control procedures, floating rig drilling programs, high pressure, and deep well drilling and testing. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf coast, Gulf of Mexico, central and western U. S. locations, the North Sea, offshore and east coast of Canada, South America, and Africa. Language proficiency in English.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO414
Completions Operations Engineer with a bachelor's degree in geology and 30 years of oil and gas experience working for large operators and major service companies. Expert in completion, recompletion, and workover operations including horizontal casing cleanouts, toe prep cleanouts, hydraulic fracturing operations, drilling out composite plugs after fracturing treatments, and flow back and well test operations. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico shelf, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, and Saudi Arabia.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO220
Petroleum engineer with a Bachelor's Degree and 14 years of domestic and international experience as a drilling, production, and operations engineer on land, jackup, and platform drilling rigs. Experienced in workovers, stimulation (fracture, acid, and water injection), coiled tubing, artificial lift (rod pump, submersible, and gas-lift), open- and cased-hole logging, and drilling rig supervision. Experienced in remote, isolated, environmentally sensitive, severe weather, and logistically challenging locations. Geographic areas worked include Wyoming, Texas, the Alaskan North Slope, and offshore Russia. Computer literate in most drilling, production, stimulation, word processing, spreadsheet, and reporting software.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO320
Professional drilling engineering technologist with an Associate's Degree and 17 years of technical support experience with a major oil and gas company. Expert in drilling operations, workovers, and completions. Highly experienced in data management and presentation of charts and graphics. Extensive skills in data research and creation of wellbore schematics. Geographic area worked is onshore and Gulf Coast Texas. Computer skills include Microsoft Office.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO184
Petroleum Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree and five years of experience in the Permian Basin and the Gulf of Mexico in production, drilling, and reservoir projects. Experienced in production and drilling operations supervision, project economics, artificial lift design, production forecasting, well failure analysis, and log analysis. Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office. Familiar with PEEP, SAM, WAM, and Rodstar.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO400
Drilling Operations Engineer with 35 years of experience working for operators, service companies, and as a consultant in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in drilling, completion, workovers, and production including wellsite supervision, engineering and design, project management, horizontal and directional drilling, and underbalanced drilling. Geographic areas worked include the Ft. Worth basin, the Anadarko basin, the Arkoma basin, the Fayetteville shale, the Tuscaloosa trend, south Texas, the Permian Basin, the Golden trend, Ouichita uplift, Buffalo Wallow, the Williston basin, the Woodford shale, the Rocky Mountain Overthrust, Uinta basin, Oregon basin, the California Tidelands, and southern California. Software proficiency in DIMS, PERC, RIMBase, Production Analyst, WellEz, and WellView.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO166
Petroleum engineer with a Bachelor's Degree and 15 years of field experience and two years of office experience. Skilled in AFE cost estimation, wellsite supervision, hydraulic jet optimization, mud rheology, casing design, offset well research, field interpretation of logs, bit selection, pore and fracture pressure determination, and drillstring design. Comfortable in team settings. Geographic areas worked include north Louisiana, east Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf of Mexico. Proficient in various computer programs including Microsoft Excel and Word, and CMG software. Familiar with GeoGraphics, Prizm, Saphir, Microsoft PowerPoint, and PIPESIM software.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO218
Drilling and operations supervisor with a bachelor's degree and more than 23 years of extensive foreign and domestic field experience in drilling, completion, and production operations. Focused and dedicated with well-developed and proven supervisory and management skills. Experienced in horizontal drilling and completion technologies, coiled tubing drilling and completions, production optimization, petroleum project costing, and program preparation. Regionally experienced in the western Canadian sedimentary basins, the Rocky Mountains, the Permian Basin, the Gulf of Mexico, Romania, and the Black Sea. Comprehensive computer proficiency with industry software and application development.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO326
Drilling operations and offshore installation manager with over 20 years of experience in the drilling, completion and work-over of oil and gas wells on Semi's, Jack-ups, Inland Barges and Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf and the Adriatic Sea, including 13 years experience in supervisory positions on drilling and work-overs. Experienced on wells up to and including depths of 33,200 feet, including wells at every angle and under most conditions. Experienced with National, Varco and Tesco top drives. Excellent safety record. Geographic experience includes the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, the Adriatic Sea, the Barnett Shale, and early experience in a variety of US onshore basins.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO398
Drilling Rig Superintendent with 15 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry for indepent E&P companies and oilfield service companies. Expertise in drilling operations including crew supervision, rig maintenance, equipment ordering, vendor selection and management, personnel training, and logistics. Also experienced in wellsite supervision and drilling and completion of wells. Geographic areas worked include Canada, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, London, Thailand, China, Papa New Guinea, and the United States. IWCF certified.

Drilling Operations Professional - DO262
Production engineer with a Bachelor's Degree and 15 years of experience working onshore and offshore for major oil companies. Experienced in the design and preparation of stimulation, cement, and acid programs for onshore and offshore injection and gas wells, and planning, ordering, and preparing services, equipment, and materials needed to perform remedial work. Highly skilled in equipment selection and producing operations. Geographic areas worked include the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Computer skills include working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase, and Production Analyst. Fluent in Arabic and French.