Civil & Structural Engineer - CS387
Facilities Engineer with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and over 40 years of oil and gas industry experience working for a major E&P company. Experienced in upstream oil and gas project engineering and management, FEED design, deepwater construction and installation, and startup and commissioning. Additionally experienced with downstream refinery expansions, gasification, permitting, and LNG plant operations. Geographic areas worked include Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Peru, and Texas - Gulf of Mexico.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS276
Corrosion Engineer with a bachelor's degree in materials engineering and 28 years experience in corrosion engineering. Areas of expertise include materials, corrosion selection and design, metallurgy, inspection, mechanical integrity, nondestructive testing, and risk assessments. Additional experience and expertise in chemicals, coatings, cathodic protection, and corrosion consulting.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS390
Project Manager with a master's degree in civil engineering and water resources and 16 years of experience with civil and environmental engineering projects. Expert with civil infrastructure project management, engineering design, specs and estimates, agency review, bidding, cost control and construction management. Experience with water distribution systems, pipelines, pump stations and channel systems, storage tanks and facilities, treatment plants, roads and drainage analysis, and groundwater control. Additionally experienced with municipal/industrial wastewater, wetland, and environmental regulatory standards and permitting, reverse osmosis, water supply management and flow-back recycling for shale gas hydraulic fracturing processes.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS162
Project manager with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and 27 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in fabricator and shipyard rig build project management for onshore processing facilities, refineries, pipelines and offshore fixed and floating structures for E&P and engineering consultant companies. Experienced in project development, conceptual & feasibility studies, FEED interface coordination, detailed design check, and management of project costs and controls. Proficient in identifying and communicating objectives, managing scheduled performance, cost, quality and HSE requirements, and motivating project teams toward achieving set targets. Software proficiency in SACS, STAAD.Pro, STRAP and AutoCAD. Geographic areas worked include West Africa, India, Brazil, SE Asia, and China. Language fluency in Portuguese and Thai. Licensed Professional Engineer in Brazil.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS370
Project manager with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and 20 years of experience working for service companies. Experienced in managing detailed engineering design and construction of major projects, both onshore and offshore, including natural gas processing facilities, pipelines, compressor stations, offshore production platforms, upgrade of biodiesel and ethanol terminals, and crude storage tank expansion. Also experienced in preparing FEED studies, specifications, construction bid packages, and cost estimates as well as managing engineering budgets and construction scheduling. Project team leader coordinating field project team members, tracking progress, budgets, and implementing recovery plans for off-schedule events. Software proficiency in MS Project, Excel, 3DPile, PipePhase, STAAD.Pro, StruCad, Enercalc, Caesar II, AutoPIPE, TRIFLEX, AutoPLANT, Pipeline Toolbox, and AutoCAD. Language fluency in English, French, and Arabic.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS306
Civil Engineer with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and five years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for a major operator and various service companies. Experienced in multi-disciplinary design engineering, project and construction management including planning, designing, estimating and preparing specifications.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS381
Subsea Engineer and project engineer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and seven years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in subsea installation projects. Experienced in topside and subsea controls, PLETs, manifolds, umbilicals, distribution systems, and analysis of equipment failure. Also experienced in the design of suspension systems, cranes, and vessels. Software proficiency in SolidWorks 3D CAD, Mathcad, AutoCAD, SAP, JD Edwards, Project, and SACS.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS377
Subsea engineer with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and eight years of experience in deepwater riser engineering design and analysis, offshore installation of pipeline systems including SCRs, flexible risers, hybrid risers, umbilicals, flexible jumpers, shallow water rigid pipelines, in-line SLEDs and PLETs

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS111
Offshore Engineer, Structural offering 30 years of experience and expertise in Design, Fabrication, Installation and inspection of jackets, topsides, derricks, rigs, bridges, flare booms, ships, barges and ancillary offshore structures. Experience in conceptual and FEED studies for offshore platforms. Prepared project structural design bases for platforms, drilling rigs, and skidbases.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS157
Marine engineer with a bachelor's degree in marine engineering and 11 years of experience in marine engineering and naval architecture. Expert in marine design, calculations and knowledge of regulatory body requirements and standards. Experienced in managing a technical department of a shipping line, operating ten heavy lift tween deckers and bulk carriers world wide, chartering procedures, negotiating voyage and period candidates, surveying, port captaincy, preparing prestow plans and load-discharge heavy lifts. Technically proficient in AutoCAD, 3D modeling, and MOS.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS299
Structural engineer with a PhD in structural engineering and 14 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in conceptual study, detail design, and installation of offshore and onshore structural design, modification, and analysis. Experienced in loadout, sea transportation, lifting and detail design of deck, jacket, module for offshore platforms, heliport and lifeboat foundations frames, as well as, drill floor and substructure, subbase, tiedown, pipeline supports, skidding system, and semi-tanker hull structures. Additionally experienced in wave and current condition evaluation, random wave spectral analysis, hydrodynamic analysis and numerical modeling, coastal structure designs including planning, layout, and marine terminal structures and foundations for loading and unloading platforms, berthing and mooring systems. Technically proficient in STRUCAD, SACS, ANSYS, ALGOR, ABAQUS, ASAS, AQWA, AutoCAD, and MathCAD.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS279
Project manager with a master's degree in civil engineering, currently a candidate for a master's in business administration, a certified project manager professional, and 16 years of diverse industry experience in oil and gas, power plants, and heavy industrial industries. Areas of expertise include field engineering, project controls and project management. Experience include planning, estimating, scheduling, cost control and analysis, and procurement. Recent accomplishments include development of corporate procedures for planning and estimation, coordination of in-house software development, project leader of offshore/onshore groups in planning and estimating, and implementing risk management practices. Expertise in Primavera, Kbase, Timberline, SAP and PRISM. Work experiences in Canada, Egypt, Russia and US. Licensed professional engineer and Canadian citizen with TN visa to work in US.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS346
Marine Project Manager with a doctorate's degree in offshore engineering and 27 years of experience working for oil and gas companies. Expert in hull sizing, stability, motion and hydrodynamic analysis, and model testing. Experienced in the design, analysis, construction, classification, certification, and project management of FPSOs, and other types of offshore units and ships. Also experienced as a lead naval architect, hull and marine engineering manager, and interface coordinator. Knowledgeable in key equipment system packages including hull, topsides, mooring, riser interfaces, and construction support. Geographic areas worked include the United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, and China. Fluent in English and Chinese.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS343
Naval Architect with a master's degree in transportation management, a bachelor's degree in naval architecture and marine engineering, and 21 years of experience in marine design and engineering in the oil and gas industry. Expert in hull form development, stability analysis, ship strength and weight engineering. Experienced in preliminary and detail design, plan review and regulations. Software proficiency in GHS, SHCP, HECSALV, and AutoCAD.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS15
Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and over 20 years of experience. Solid experience in HVAC, refrigeration, and electrical/mechanical systems. U.S. Coast Guard licensed as chief engineer with unlimited horse power rating for steam and motor engines. Further experience include the adherence of maritime legal rules and conventions, preventative maintenance under all engineering areas in order to maintain and reduce costs and eliminate down time, adherence to environmental regulations applicable to the operations of the vessel. Results-oriented professional with quality written and verbal communications skills. Computer skills in MS-Office.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS96
Marine operations professional with a Bachelor's degree in marine transportation management and over 20 years of experience. Area of expertise includes overall marine operation management within the oil and gas industry. Experience includes direction and coordination of international-flag marine operations, liaison and management of commercial and technical groups, communication with clients, third-party ship owners, brokers, port agents, Masters, local authorities, terminals, and other related parties to expedite day-to-day operational issues and maximize vessel availability and voyage earnings. Additional experience as facilitator of staff involved in marine chartering, operations, finance and accounting, demurrage, cargo loss control, and voyage support functions for worldwide tanker ship owner / charterer. Further worldwide experience aboard a wide variety of vessel types and operations including product tankers, general cargo ships, ammunition ships, harbor and ocean going tugs & barges, passenger and auto ferries, oceanographic research, and other special purpose vessels.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS270
Project engineer with a master's degree in ocean engineering and 12 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas engineering and design industry. Areas of expertise include offshore Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) projects and concept selection studies. Experience in design and analysis of offshore platforms (TLP, Semi-submersible, FPSO, and Spar), including project management, engineering supervision, technology pioneering, and extensive naval architecture experience including hydrodynamic analysis, riser and mooring analysis, model testing, stability and installation engineering, and structural analysis. Further experience in the total management of FEED proposals, bidding, scheduling and cost estimate, and the development of engineering planning for executing the engineering work within schedule and budget. Computer skills include MS-Windows, WordPerfect, MS- Office, AQWA, WAMIT, DeepC, SIMO, RIFLEX, ACES, STABCAD, STRUCAD, WINDOS, Flexcom, Osawave, TLPSIM, LOADCASE, FORTRAN, VISUAL BASIC, MATHEMATICA, MATLAB. Language skills include English, French and Arabic.

Civil & Structural Engineer - CS282
Marine Structures Engineer/Manager with a master's degree in civil engineering and a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering with over 30 years of design, analysis, and work coordination experience in the offshore and defense industries. Expert in offshore and ship design codes and structural analysis computer programs. Experienced in hull and topsides structures of spars, semis, FPSOs, and naval, drilling, and S-lay pipelay ships. Technically proficient in Sesam, SACS, ANSYS, MathCAD, and MS Project.